Lake Atitlan Who Will Stop the Rain

8:50 PM, Monday night, I can hear the rain, and I cannot avoid thinking about this anymore, I am safe, dry, and again I have avoided disaster. And yet I hear there is over 100 dead around the lake from land slides caused by the rains.

People Die

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 31, 2010
By Andy Graham of


It rained constantly for 2-3 days, and then stopped today, and I hear stories, I have not gone and investigated, I do not want to see, know or feel this, but I will say a prayer.

Who will stop the rain?

The rain has stopped, it is 9:02 PM, please stop, I not want to hear the rain, this sound makes reality creep into my brain.

Fort Wayne, Indiana knows...

I know I am safe, even when I am not, that is my lucky star.

Lake Atitlan Who Will Stop the Rain


Alright, CCR, one of my favorite groups! I use to get incredibly moodly during the 7 years I stayed most of the time in the Philippines from 88 to 95 but I have grown use to it. Rainy windy weather is not BAD weather but BED weather so find a companion and break new records for staying inside and either cook or have meals and drinks delivered.


Hi Andy!

I am so glad to know you are OK! I saw the photos on the net and it is so sad! The huge sink hole in the middle of town is frightening! Brent and I wondered if you are OK and we will pray for you and all your friends in Guatemala! Let us know if there is anything we can do.

God bless you and be safe!
Mary Hayworth

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