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LA PAZ BOLIVIA Photos and Central Square

2005-04-05 06:50:00

This is a photo of the Plaza Murillo, there are small plazas or squares all over Central and South America, so just another, however this one does have an abundance of pigeons, an extreme amount, so sort of interesting. They also have some type of Military drill or taking down of the flag on the square, I am not sure what happens, it is interesting to watch the serious nature of the soldiers, they are trying hard to be something.

This is one of the better sitting around and looking at people places I know.

This is interesting, a warning to beware of American travelers written on the wall in my Hotel room, they are all scammers. You can hear a lot about Americans traveling, however almost all people trust the Americans.

I have special status in all countries; of course, they want our money. They know Americans pay too much, are naïve, pay no matter what, and do not complain about paying. Scammers though is not normal, I have heard Mexicans say though,

“Si, Americanos come here, they complain about corruption, and then they learn how to do it better than us.”

Most of the world is afraid of Americans, therefore they are angry. Fear usually comes out as fear.

The are afraid they will become like Americans, the adopt our music, our food, our manners, I way of doing business, they know they are losing their culture, they are copying America, it is not Americans pushing this on their culture, they buy the music, there are no Americans here, I am the only one around. I am the minority, but the culture of America is what is copied, so that can be a Majority. I hear American music, I see American flags, and everyone wants to learn to speak English… Yep, they know in the back of their minds they think about America too much, and they do not like that they think about America more than their own country.

NOW, be responsible for your own thoughts, nobody tells you what to think about or what music to listen too, you are tempted because in the back of you mind you like some of the things, and you know… hehehe that some of the crap you have to put up with in your own country is not right.

I would like a little American Imperialism to come more to South America and push some law so they would learn about equal rights for all people, the blacks in the USA have no idea how good life is, they need to discover how the racism works on the rest of the planet.

New way to take photos.

I have discovered that taking pictures from inside a taxi is a good way to capture good photos, people naturally ignore taxis and do not see the camera to change.

Tourism at it worst, or best. Yes a double Decker bus allows you to see a city in comfort and style, but also keeps you from feeling the dirt.