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Koh SiChang Island Thailand Close to BKK

Koh SiChang Island Thailand
We left the Khao San Road room in Bangkok at 11:15, and arrived on the Island of Koh SiChang at 3:45 pm. Porthole to Porthole is between 4 and 5 hours.

This is still not an enjoyable day trip; I truly do not enjoy the work that is needed sometimes in life to enjoy life.

Koh SiChang Thailand - Southeast Asia
Island South of Bangkok 120 Kilometers
Monday, February 18, 2008
Andy of ---

Koh SiChang Island (Redundant)
24 hours per day Electricity, there is one ATM machine for sure.
The people are great, friendly and not the normal you do not exist Farang style as is normal on Khao San Road.

Easy price to find for rooms is 550-650 Baht.

Transportation in the main poplulated area is easy, with Tuk Tuk or Motorcycle Taxis.

The resorts so far seem to be the gouge, go to a resort and have no way to escape. The Thailand girl says,
- Resort California. -

There is one beach, we will go there today and search for a room on the beach or very close.

We are in a private home room for 300 Baht, the owner asked,
- Do you want me to clean the room? -

There is plenty of fresh water, and bottle water is cheaper than Bangkok.

There are boats to this island every hour during the day, it appears that a person could live on the island and work in Siracha or whatever the name of the city is. It is not a fisherman port; it is a large ship port, and not a problem for the boats or fishermen.

The island is great, just no beaches and the price of room is triple the cost of the Islands near Ranong or Burma, by the name of Koh Change. It is not hard to see that Koh Chang is five times the value for one-third the price.

An annoying community radio system plays continuous music in the populated area and is rather noisy.

This is not a sunbather’s beach island.

I am on a GPRS Cell Phone connection with AIS or One-Two Call.
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Koh SiChang Island Thailand