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Koh Samet Thailand and Crashing Computer

2005-11-16 23:18:00

My computer is crashing, I am hoping to drop it off at the Hewlett Packard center in Bangkok and go to the beach and not think about it...

I have the data backed up wonderfully and no problem, I am always in an internet cafe using the locals computers, however to write a newsletter is very difficult. Blogging is easy.

I buy Hewlett Packard, formerly Compaq because they have repair place everywhere on the planet, I suppose IBM does, but they seem to have lost the Horse Race.

It is annoying, just reboots, something maybe about replacing.

nonetheless, maybe I can use the disk gave with the machine that reformats the drive and reinstalls the original software. I carry two rocks, one called a computer and two boxes of CD Roms of Software, they are presently in Bangkok at the Sawasdee Smile hotel in storage.

Just another day of being a Mobile Computer Warrior, another battle to keep the crap running. Note my first computer lasted 6 years on the road, and after that I now have purchased two more, they are not making them more durable, however guaranteed you need to buy the next.