Kindle Download for PC Computer

You do not have to buy a Kindle, to read a Kindle book. The Kindle or the iPad could save my back, I have carried up to 15 books in my backpack, (3 right now), however, I am waiting. I will pay five Dollars for an E-book, I will pay 50 Dollars for a Kindle. I am waiting for the prices to enter the Non-Splurge zone of economic reality.

Chris says this works, I may never know, I think people who earn over 125,000 per year can presently afford the Kindle, I am still too poor. (a.k.a. Cheap)

Download Kindle Reader for Computer

Just in case, I find a Kindle Book for 5 Dollar, I downloaded the Kindle for my computer. I do not know if it works, but I will give it a try.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, January 29, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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PDF formats are good for books, I have about one GIG in books that I have downloaded, but truly I think the Mobi-Pocket format for my Verizon HTC Touch Pro II is best.

I all my readers should click reply, attach a couple of books on PDF and send to me, this would make me happy. All this to read a book, I like libraries, however I am also a great scrounge. I am always on the hunt of a FREE real books in Hotels, and I doubt the locals want to steal my normal book at the beach.

Kindle Download for PC Computer


Well I hear that the Gideons are really good at leaving travelers something to read!


Thanks You, I truly smiled when I read that in my email box waiting for yea or nay for moderation.

I wonder, I normally travel below the radar of the Gideon Bible distributors. Does this mean the people staying in the cheaper hotels need the bible less than the rich hotels?

I was in Central America, I took a Gideons bible from a Hotel. One page was in English, the other side was in Spanish. I used this as a way to learn Spanish.

How many countries does the Gideon Bible service?

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