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Kenya Observations by Photos

Kenya Observations by Photos
I observe many situations in a day, here are a few extra photos along the way.

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

Kenya reminds me of Ghana, there are Caskets outside carpentry shops on display ready to be purchased.

This Kenya girls was walking by, something was different about her shirt. The design of the shirt was such that there was a small tail or piece of material that formed a V. Maybe this is different, maybe it is not, however what I finally realize was the shape of this girls bum was extra rounded. The size of the muscles in the rear of this woman truly altered the design of the shirt.

I purchased a small water cooker from this electrical shop, the person who sold it to me said,
“This shop is owned by Barack Obama’s brother.”

This is located in Siaya, Kenya, maybe 10 Kilometers from the stop in the road called Kogelo where Obama’s father lived. I do not know all the facts; however I think Obama Sr had two or three wives. I believe this shop is owned by a stepbrother of Barack Obama the President of the USA.

I asked where he was and the man said he just returned from visiting Obama in the USA. Hehehe,
“Welcome to America.”

I am sure there will be a deluge of relatives working their way to the USA in the next few years.

Kenya Observations by Photos