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Kasese Uganda

Kasese Uganda
I am now in the city of Kasese, Uganda, about 300 meters lower in altitude at 950 Meters above sea level. I am surely missing something here in Uganda.
Kasese, Uganda
East Africa
Monday, May 4, 2009
Hotels in Kasese, Uganda

If you look close at this map, there is a park called Ruwenzori National Park, I am trying to suss out if this is significant. Uganda is one those travel destinations where people sit around at home reading for a year or two before they go visit, then mortgage their home to pay for the trip and say they had a great time.

A South African guy in Isiolo, Kenya said,
“This is the area for monied travelers.”


The Lonely Planet guidebook makes no sense for the normal “Lonely Planet” backpacker, it is full of clichés. I cannot separate the hyperbole from the reality. As best I can tell, the Ruwenzori National Park is just a place to take expensive treks and I cannot find any clear reason to do so, except to say you walked in a mountain in Uganda, anyway I do it, I am not going to pay 600 dollars to walk in the mountains of Uganda or any country, this stuff is free.

Kasese is the armpit of Uganda, some nothing natural about it, I think they built this town for the cobalt mine, put it at the end of a railway track and called it a city. I am tired of trying to make sense of the guidebook, I do not have a car to drive around to figure out what they are talking about.

If you have a car, drive up to Kilembe, maybe there is a hotel, cooler air, a tree or two.

Kasese Uganda