Kandi Benin Before Entering Niger

Kandi Benin
Kandi Benin West Africa
Thursday, October 5, 2006

Kandi is the name of my sister!

A nice little village, a good stop before entering Niger, however I am not sure why, but you can stop. The market is funky; timing it so it is on Sunday is maybe a waste of time.

I think, if you need a good drunk, before you enter the Islamic country of Niger, then Kandi is good. However, I know, they do sell Alcohol in Niger. I just realized, there is tons of liquor sales here, it would be a great place to stock up for people with cars and go into the more Islamic Niger. I bet that is the reason there is so much Whiskey sales here.

Kandi Benin, the last easy drunk before Niger, however, I have to believe the border city of Malanville is full also. There is this huge park and it is being pushed. I am sure the NGO-SUV-TOYOTA are all buying all the alcohol before they go to the park.

Kandi Benin

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