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Kaho San Road and Buddhist Monks

I am up early and using the internet in some crappy internet cafe on Khao Sarn Road. The place is full of lady boys and travelers with backpacks ready to leave the city by small van and waiting.

Bangkok is strange in the morning, a few Buddhist Monks walking barefoot around collecting or in my opinion extorting money. Lady boys trying to get drunk boys to come with them, vendors very sad looking and not happy setting up their stands. A few people sitting in all night restaurants either still drunk from the night before or leaving by bus this morning. Lots of Farang or foreigner boys with Thai girls in tow coming and going after negotiations are completed.


I purchased a Web Cam yesterday in Panthip Plaza. I am proceeding to have it installed on Khao San Road and am very happy, because I have been working on this project for a couple of years trying to weigh the pros and cons of a systems I am designing for anywhere on the planet.