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Kabul Hotel International the Five Star Chance of Dying Offshore

2011-06-29 05:51:57

There was an attack on a Kabul, Afghanistan Hotel by terrorist. Was it full of NGO’s?
No Good Organizations?

If you want to optimize your chance of dying by terrorist while traveling offshore, to have your head cut off while in a foreign country, then it is simple. Live in a Five Star Hotel, then you become the soft and easy target of all anti-western angers, the epitome of what the world does not like. It does not make people feel good to make it obvious other are less than them, and nothing does then better than a world of Five Star situations.

I dream of people being able to make great decisions, I am quite sure many people should never travel offshore, it is just not wise to leave home for a few naïve people.

NOTE: The chances of dying in a terrorist attack are close to impossible for an American, walking across the street is how you will surely die overseas, not by terrorist. But, if you wanted to optimize your chances, then become a soft target, live in obvious situations of wealth.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
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Gays, Grannies and Grandes
There are Gays, there are Grannies, and there are Grandes, I am always amazed when people have somehow maneuvered society into denying the truth. There is a Southwest Pilot who probably made an off job joke, while he as on the job, and got into a lot of trouble. Employers become the enforcers of manners, or pay money in a law suits, it just is not right, we need to, laws made by lawyers, to benefit lawyers.

Ranting real life

I am a Grandpa
I am 55, and a few people in Africa call me Papa, they are being reverent, but I know they also see me as weak.

I am Fat
I could also be called "Grande," which mean I am at about 190 pounds, too much to be called skinny. I call myself fat, because I must accept reality, I am in a fight with fat.

I am a Fat American
I would not like it if you called me a Fat American, but would have trouble getting truly angry at you. There are hateful comments, and there are real comments, the bigger problem is when people assumes people should agree with them.

I am an Alcoholic
I have had few people scream this at me, and I say, yes, and your point is….oops, I am a recovering alcoholic or better to understand, a drunk in remission.

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Kabul Hotel International the Five Star Chance of Dying Offshore