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July 4 in USA 2009

2009-07-04 19:12:14

July 4 in USA 2009
The USA citizens are a lucky bunch of stiffs; they are naïve as to what the rest of the planet has to tolerate from their governments. We as USA citizens think our government abuses us; however, the truth is we are the best of the bunch; we tolerate the least amount of abuse on the planet.

The fourth of July is the date when the USA told England, it was enough; we will not tolerate abuse anymore.

Declaration of Independence

Thammasat University
Rangsit Campus,
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Sunday, July 5, 2009


Example: I am in Thailand, one of the better countries on the planet. However, an Australian was incarcerated for talking about this government.

I wrote something last year, I removed it because I was afraid of going to prison in Thailand.

It is dangerous to write this.

I am grateful my Mother has never had a big fat Mexican police officer come up to her and ask for money. Why, because the person had the power and abused it. This happened to me in Mexico.

I am grateful my Mother never had a police officer enter here Hotel and say to leave the city. This happened to me in Colombia.

I am grateful my Mother has never had a police officer come to her door, demand she open it her Hotel door, and ask,
“Why are you here?”
This happened to me in India.

I am grateful my mother never had a police officer ask
“Why are you taking photos?”
This happened to me in Niger, West Africa.

I am grateful my mother has never live in a Hotel room, had a person bang on the door, not announce themselves, not explain, and demand you open the door.
“This happened to me in Hong Kong.”

I watched as my friend Rishi had a Maoist enter his business, ask him for money and him too afraid to say anything.
I saw this in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I daily see police officers with Machine Guns; it is so common I do not even pay attention. I never saw a large machine gun until I left the USA.

Why is the USA hated by many countries on the planet, including Canada and Europe? Because the USA says,
“Stop abusing your people.”

Of course there is abuse by the USA government, however it is the still less than any other country I know.

What do I know; I have only visited 85 countries and live in each one of them for 1-5 months…?

I am not sure if I can ever live in the USA again, I am not sure I can listen to them complain, nothing worst than listening to a bunch of ungrateful people. Truly clueless and naïve, just a bunch of lucky sperms.

I am going to the Philippines today, it is the country where I learned the term."Extrajudicial Killing." I hope my Mother and Father have no idea what this means, I hope my nieces, and nephews are uneducated.

The right to bear arms was an attempt to stop "extrajudicial killing."

July 4 in USA 2009