Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


Monday December 13, 2004 12:24 AM

I am still on Western Europe time and cannot sleep, so I may as well at to my dialog.

I wrote asking him about Fiji, because when I was reading one of his newsletters I saw he visited the Fiji Islands and was wondering how you stage a trip to there. The name sounds exotic, I like the beach so exotic and beach, and they have my attention.

Nevertheless, when he replied something about a plane he notified me a friend of his is traveling in Thailand presently. Therefore, after an email or two I am hoping to visit tomorrow with a man that made a movie. Hmmm… oops, the name, link and information are in my mailbox and not downloaded yet… Well, I am meeting with a person that made a movie about him and his pop traveling for six months together. It has an MGM lion on the page so that probably means it is high quality.


That is the name of the film and I will be interested to talk with the person. It is an interesting idea to travel with your father for six months, and even more interesting and difficult would be to film the trip. I hope that after meeting the young man I can see the movie somehow. Being choosy or actually choosing a movie to see can be very difficult for a traveler unless the movie is a very famous movie. I can buy copies of larger movies off Khao San Road for 150 Baht or about 3.5 dollars. This is not a legal type purchase in the world of copyrights, but there is nothing sacred in Thailand and most is for sale. Therefore, I can hope and see if they have this movie.