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John and Stan Mentors of Andy Graham

The man I am today, how does this happen, have you thought about it? Do you know why you are the man or woman you are today? I have a few mentors, and as I should explain, I appointed them; they did not knowingly become my mentors.

The most influential people in my life is my Mother and Father, they laid the groundwork, set up the moral, ethical and emotional infrastructure, then I have people who greatly influenced my life. However, the mentors lived outside the beginners box, mentors cared less, and they influenced me because I took what they gave.

MacGyver Travel Tips
I write these off the wall, outside the box, funky, sort-of stand-back-and-look for a while travel tips. I often ask myself, why did I think of that, what happens inside my brain that allowed it to innovate, invent, and search for answers to problems. It is the bundle of experiences, something to do with the Mentors, hardships, and the problems I have encountered.

I carried a Milled Face, 28 ounce, 16 Inch Estwing Hammer for years, and like a pair of shoes, I can judge a man by his hammer, and you are welcome to judge me.

The Roussel Concrete Construction Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana had a couple of mechanical wizards. The owner John Roussel, and Stan his number one gadget maker taught me a lot, they used to say,
"I can fix anything, but a broken heart."

This company makes equipment and tools, if they have a problem, the would make the tool to solve the problem. If I had a broken car, computer, shoe, idea, if I have a problem that needs a fixer, these two men are my mentors. It is not clear how they come up with ideas, but I know they are inventors; they were able to reach into their heads and pull out answers, while common people just stared at them.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 24, 2010
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I was a crew leader for Roussel Concrete Constructions, my normal types of jobs were:

1. Dock Levelers for Factories, and the walls leading down to the dock.
2. Doing the math, laying out factories to pour the footers for 20,000 - 150,000 square feet factories.
3. The carpenter, if the company needed something made of wood; I took out my Estwing hammer created something from nothing.

Stan is in this photo, John Roussel is not.

As my life goes one, I try to find my mentors, say thank you, hope they know they helped me along the way, I have about 10 influential people in my life, and a few new mentors also come along, life is always changing, and I continue to learn.

Thank you John and Stan

Note, when I think of crazy, only high steel workers are crazier than concrete workers… However, I am more of a farm boy, bailing wire, and binder twine, but that is a another story, and another mentor.

John and Stan Mentors of Andy Graham