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Ivory Coast, if an Idea is not obviously yes, then say no

Si une idée n'est évidemment pas bon, alors dire non
This is the story of how a 100 Dollar apartment somehow became 1000.

I never realized how sleepy, sedentary and set in my ways I was until I inserted the coin in the slot, and down tumbled a Victoria Secrets Doll into my stable hands. I am talking about this Ivorian girl sleeping in my bed, she is five handfuls of crazy, and she is a normal human. I accept that I am abnormal, she is sleeping peacefully, while I came to this country, I am typing on a computer in a country at war, fretting and feeling frustrated for fun.

The Search for Obvious
I was a primarily a Philosophy, secondarily Psychology, and when not sure an English major at Indiana University (Bloomington). University was a time where I accepted to read books that no sane man would ever read without a looming threat, you read this or you fail the course.

The goal of a University feels to be this to me:
1. Convince you that you are smarter than the normal public.
2. Help employers to take job applications faster, by only accepting the applicants with a piece of paper from an University.

The good reasons to go to University are:
1. To find people that are so smart, you feel stupid and humble, and accept your status in life.
2. Become friends with people from other tribes; in the USA this means, people from other High Schools and cities.
3. Avoid work for four to five years.
4. Find a larger selection of people to marry.
5. To accept that incredibly smart people jump off tall buildings.

My best friend at Indiana University, Steve Alfeder, a Jewish boy from Great Neck, New York often said during finals week,
"Let’s go drink a beer at the bar across from Eigenmann Dorm, and wait for people to jump."

If I was a professor, I would hope to guide my students in learning how to search for obvious truths, non-negotiable truths, answers the world accepts without questions.

Ivory Coast, West Africa --- Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Secret to Life
Search for the simple answers to lives complicated problems, only accepting the answers that are obviously correct, and saying no until you know why you are supposed to say yes.

Writing this, I want to say, I am a persistent person that will analyze any problem put in front of my brain; I can never finish writing an article, because I never exhaust all the possible angles, corners and nooks where good ideas hide. I do not finish, I just stop talking, this leaves many readers in the lurch, lonely, lost and looking for the last words, which never come.

Confusing Answers Suck
I hope none of you ever learns how the mind of a Philosophy Professor works, there is no obvious reason to talk with people lost in confusion, and enjoying it. If you ask them a question, they will recite something, say the names of people, then tell you to read Descartes, Sartre or Hume, which is to say, go become more confused, I do not know the answer, I am just a teacher.

Again, the Secret of Life in Reverse Order
This is my management strategy for dealing with Bah, who I call crazy, and chaotic. I suspect she is probably the sane one, because I know one time I was declared certifiably crazy. I spent 30 days in an insane asylum --- they called it Alcoholism Treatment, however, years later I know and accept, it was an insane asylum, the place we put people until they can walk around not pissing in public.

Please read take this sentence, and remember it is a secret:
"Search for the simple answers to lives complicated problems, only accepting the answers that are obviously correct, and saying no until you know why you’re supposed to say yes."

Reverse it to:
"Say no, and continue to say no until you see an answer that is obviously correct, you know."

I should also add, never feel bad about converting a yes again to no.

The Apartment Search in Ivory Coast
I am paying 150,000 CFA per month to live in this Hotel.
Bah tells me, she found an apartment for 50,000 per month.
Obviously sounds like a yes, a no brainer.

The man, who she says is rich, lives in Europe is coming from Abidjan on Wednesday to show us the Apartment, therefore I get down to advanced math. I want to know the bottom line, how much money to move in?

500,000, I think to myself, there is an extra 0.
50,000 became 500,000

100 US Dollars became 1000 Dollars.
Si une idée n'est évidemment pas bon, alors dire non
There must be some business terms that explains how what starts out reasonable becomes extreme cost over-runs.

This was all fun, and she said,
"You can trust the man."
I asked,
"Is he African?"
"Then, I do not trust."
She says,
"Then trust me."
I said,
"Bah, I do not trust you with 1000 Dollars."

Convert this Example to USA Dollars
1000 Dollars for an USA apartment, then the final cost changes to 10,000 Dollars. If an American girl asked me to give her 10,000 Dollars, I would say no, trusting a person to spend large sums of money is always a question mark.

Travel Math
After 11 years of owning, I reworked my list of 200 top travel subjects. First, I realized the different between a popularity contest, which is the word "Top" and what is needed. I do not get involved in business popularity contests, they are always graded on a curve and all participants eventually fall off the curve and slide into oblivion.

A business that is popular today will be unpopular tomorrow and out of business.

My Opinion on Math Skills of Tourists
The math skills, for a tourist is the same as the average grade level of math for an American.
What grade level of proficiency in math has the average American?
If you tell me, you are not good at math, then what am I supposed to think?

On the Lighter Side of Life
It appears that a group of armed men working for the candidate that won in the view of the world went into the village of Anyama and 100 people died last night. The mother of my girlfriend lives in this village, therefore the mother called her daughter this morning at 8:00 am to tell her she was ok and alive. I think it is obvious today to Bah, that is not the correct time to rent an apartment, maybe better to go buy a large bag of rice and a machete.

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Ivory Coast, if an Idea is not obviously yes, then say no