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It is Not Important to Listen or Observe

2011-07-17 09:36:01

There are days when apathy rules my life, I came from a place where people would say the "Country Bumpkins" rule. Generally, the further I roam from home, the more I appreciate my mother and father. I am truly grateful to be born in Indiana, and grow up where people actually want to listen.

Jerold Graham, my Father

Sharry Graham, my Mother

Country Bumpkin Defined:
A person, usually from a rural area, the south or small town; who speaks or behaves in a manner that indicates a lack of understanding of the ever changing, modern world. Country bumpkins tend to speak in terms of social overtones indicative of pre-civil rights America and characteristically speak in offensive terms without knowledge of doing so. A bumpkin is more ignorant than uneducated, though most are probably uneducated. Either way, educated or not, country bumpkins are neccesarily ignorant. Country bumpkins come in every ethnicity and in both genders.

People who practice southern "good ole boy" politics are country bumpkins.

People who still say "colored" when referring to African Americans or say "heya, heya,... heya, heya" when referring to Native Americans are country bumpkins.

"Did you hear that country bumpkin call the people on the nearby reservation, 'injuns'?"

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


What happened to people in America?
Rich or poor, smart or dumb, educated or illiterate, we all possess one great opportunity in life, we have the ability to live a life of respect. I can find many respectable people in my home town of Orland, there is no reason to overlook many small things, they are generally respectable people.

I am too close to the USA here in Guatemala, there are too many Americans, they make me very angry, what is going on inside the country I love? Americans have more opportunities than any country on the planet, a person in the USA can do anything, be anything, and it feels as if the youth are becoming the worst possible examples of humans. Europe is not much better, and there anybody my age, I think anybody below the age of 60 from the USA is not from the Greatest Generation, what happened.

Are all developed societies doomed?

Facebook Quotes
I am gaming the hell out of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and all the other social networks, and guess what we are trying to push as a social network… aagh, it is the only way to neutralize Google, with the hope we can say goodbye to traffic from Google.

I think FACE is incredibly brilliant, this site allows, and gives people the ability to celebrate exactly what is the base motivation of people, to talk about themselves.

I put a quote up yesterday.!/profile.php?id=546827480&sk=info

I put a person I admire: Buster Spade from Orland, Indiana, who is now dead, an old farmer who I respect more than any person in my life.

Looking for Friends?
I love Lago Atitlan, but in so many ways it is like Orland, it is fully of Country Bumpkins, people I love to live with, but have trouble keeping my brain occupied.

I truly have zero need or use of tourists, they almost always let me down, I do not respect their actions, therefore I do not respect them.

This is truly weird?
I used to not tell people I have a Blog, because I did not want to talk about it during the day. My fear was 99.99 percent unfounded.

I cannot tell the primitive local people, but I can tell the so-called educated ones, because they just do not care.

Example: I often do this:

1. I say,
"I am a travel writer, my Blog is Top Travel Blog on National Geographic Adventurer,, Frommer’s Budget Travel, and 100’s of more."

2. I write down on a piece of paper. Andy Graham,

3. I wait, not really, I have stopped waiting, nothing happens.

4. I have a 1 in 500 chance, the educated group will ever investigate.

I am anonymously Blogging, even when I try to not be anonymous. This is great for me, because I do not need to be afraid one of my daily acquaintances is reading, I can say, take photo, be truly as honest as I desire, with almost no fear of problems.

What have I learned?
Generally, nobody is out searching for friends, 99.99 percent of people are searching for drinking buddies, with no morals, and no values.

Nobody trust anybody, they believe I am lying, that make me safe to tell the truth, I do not want fame, and it is easy to not be a famous travel writer, when nobody believes anyone.

Fun stuff, but I am still searching for more highly educated country bumpkins, who hold honesty, and being a good person as values to admire. My friend Mark said,
"Andy, you are hoping to find people to disprove your growing opinion about the globilizaztion of idiocy."

I do not have any use for Twitter, Facebook does allow me write my niece and nephews and say Happy Birthday, Linked in has some merits.

I think I should be able to join a group of people who want to talk about James Michener. I should be able to find a group of people who admire Henry David Thoreau. I would like to find people who want to be friends in real life who live near me on Lago Atitlan.

Connecting real humans, to have real human contact, not to be on the internet, but to meet in real life.

Well, whatever it is not important to listen or observe, because this is not a trait that is celebrated, but you better do so, or you will lose respect for yourself.

I did not proofread this, in celebration of people who respect people for who they are, and not how they look.

It is Not Important to Listen or Observe