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Is there Value in Calling a Professional Traveler

2009-08-30 18:01:22

Is there Value in Calling a Professional Traveler
I have been toying around with an idea now for two years.

Are you planning an expensive trip?

I have been talking for two years with my friend Jeroen my Travel Agent in Thailand. As a team, we could probably answer about any travel question better than anybody on the planet could. I have paid Jeroen cash maybe 3-5 times, I will walk in and give him 1000 Baht. I did this after he helped me buy a plane ticket from Nairobi, Kenya to Bangkok, Thailand.

NOTE: He said, and I agree, he will not sell you a plane ticket for any reason over the telephone because this would skew his opinion and the value. Gee, he helped me save about 150 Dollars, 1000 Baht is nothing, five minutes on the telephone and my life was cheaper. He is like any travel agent; he gets annoyed when people call with no intention of buying.

While he is great with Visas and cost of plane fare.

I could answer question like.
“How do I plan a six month trip to South America?”
“Which country is best to retire in?”
“How to make money with a travel site?”
“Should I buy a round trip ticket?”
“Am I getting a good deal on a tour?”
“Is it safe to travel to Iraq, Africa?”

I have traveled perpetually for 11-12 years, I continuously moved, never staying in one place longer than three months. I have visited 85 countries. I speak Spanish and French fluently, I know Visa problems, I can evaluate a tour, give you suggestions.

Would you pay 5 dollars to talk to a professional traveler?
Would you pay 10?
Would you pay 20?

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 31, 2009
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Well, Jeroen and I have been thinking about this for a couple of years, he is not excited, he believes people want something for nothing. I agree, but I also know there are a few smart people who have made bad travel decisions that cost them hundreds of dollars.

This is a travel insurance policy, it is a way to feel a little safer in your decisions, and we are not going to make the decisions. We are going to help you, and because we do not earn money from giving you bad advice, you win.

By way, I am not as strict and tough in person; I can be sensitive to your needs. I used to sell to real estate properties per week; I know how to listen as well as type.

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3. After you donate, the result page shows you my telephone number in the Philippines. (When I move countries, this number stops.)

If you want to call Jeroen, I will take longe to arrange with him, he has to purcahse a second SIM card number. He is more cynical about people than me, I understand, he deals with the young and foolish on Khao San Road daily, they want to go live in India and smoke pot... hehehe, the truly cheap travelers of the planet.

I truly enjoy these types of experiments, I know this is valuable, however sometimes it is strange to me how hard it is to convince a person something is a good idea. I called Jeroen up last week, I wanted to hear about the political status in the country, I wanted to know if the place was stable.

Please do not be jaded and cynical, I am essentially retired, I do not work very hard, I play on the computer a few hours per day. It is enjoyable to have projects, this is just another day in my life, not everyone has a secret agenda.

Is there Value in Calling a Professional Traveler