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Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010

2010-12-17 22:02:25

I believe the path to religious salvation is believing in good, and ignoring anyone who tells me what I should be doing,
"Andy, sex before marriage is a sin."
"Andy, do you believe in God?"
This is not a question; it is a statement of what I should be doing.

Love is not shame; it is acceptance and a sincere and honest attempt to avoid the majority of people who took the wrong turns in life.

When I want to know a person, I just peek at their soul. I believe a good person can instantly sense the difference between light and dark, evil and good. I do not believe in religious rules, they are what people use to start fights; there is no way to shame me into becoming controllable.

Civil War in Ivory Coast
What is the true story behind all the problems in Ivory Coast that has the country on the brink of civil war?

I want to cross Ivory Coast and go to Liberia by land, I am not excited about traveling across Cote d’Ivoire during a civil war between Christianity and Islam fighting over who gets to steal the money of the people.

I have been waiting for Ivory Coast, the proper name being Cote d’Ivoire to stop having two Presidents. The finally vote on November 28, 2010 happened, and both candidates claimed victory, and both candidates had themselves sworn in as President…

My studies of the world have lead me to conclude, there has been religious conflict between Christianity and Islam for 2000 plus years. If appears that war breaks out on border between the two religions often, religions seems to be the excuse for war, money is what they fight over, it is an unholy world.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, December 18, 2010


Christian Missionaries
I about gag when somebody tells me there are Christian Missionary, an overwhelming sense of evil seems to circle around these people. Radicals have hijacked Islam, the bullies run the religion. I want to encourage religions; I believe that seeking a God is a good thing; however, I would ask a person to ignore anyone who says they are holy. I tend to think of myself as a sinner trying to be holy; I have not arrived in heaven yet, still another trip to make.

Anyway, you do it, it is best to believe in good, hedge your bets, be a good boy, and walk away from religious people who want to fight.

Now the question I have, can I sprint across the bottom of Ivory Coast and avoid this violent conflict?

Ivory Coast - 38 percent Islam and 32 percent Christian.
Cote d’Ivoire

Alassane Quattara is Islamic and represents the Northern sub-Saharan group.
Alassane Quattara

Laurent Gbagbo is Christian and represents the Christians along the coast of Ivory Coast.
Laurent Gbagbo

Sharia Law is always a scary story to read.
Sharia Law

The right answer is not Christian or Islam, the right answer is to allow them to fight and walk on the other side of the street. Yet, there is value in a yes being a yes, and no being a no, and bringing the truth into the light.

Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010