Is Ghana West Africa a Tourist Destination

I am a moral person, which is a nice thing to say about myself, but what doe this mean? A moral person feels a sense of duty to behave right, and not wrong, maybe good and not bad. Whenever I write about any location, I worry that maybe I am encouraging you to go have problems, this is never my intentions.

I have personal reservation about the saying,
"Live and let live."
It is implies I am suppose to look the other way when somebody is doing something I consider bad. I do not look the other way, I will say my opinion, however, am I going to actively go and stop people from doing bad? Only when it upgrades to first class evil, then I will step in and try to stop evil, this is the responsibility of all humans.

Ghana is not evil, Ghana is great for me, but does a moral man recommend tourist travel to Ghana as a "Tourist Destination." What is the tour? Where are they going to tour? Is there any Tourist Attractions here that deserves you sacrificing a couple weeks of your life?

My answer is NO; it is only a country to visit after you have visited maybe 50 others. Ghana is where you can make a decision to travel after Asia, India, Thailand, Japan, Central and South America.

Tourist should never fail, they should always enjoy their trip, for me to recommend that novice tourist to travel to Ghana or West Africa is encourage tourist to do something that could turn out horrible. After a tourist has visited 50 countries, they have learned to enjoy strange diversity, poverty and difficult situations.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, February 3, 2011


Travel Writing and Travel Writers Suck
I write and travel, there is no escaping, I just cannot escape being defined loosely as a Travel Writer, but morally I do not feel good being group with travel writers.

"Travel Writers will write about anything that makes them look good, and earns money."

"Travel Writers live in Resorts for free; recommend places they would never visit if they had to pay with their own money."

I am in the wrong place, the wrong country, the absolutely worst place on the planet to find advertisers for my site.

Why come to Ghana?
I am lying here in bed in the Tarso Hotel in Ho, Ghana, I am alone, but I am not lonely. Maybe on a clear day you can see forever, maybe on clear day you will know, understand and accept your future. How can we find a clear day, the good path, the light at the end of the tunnel in a world that is almost exponentially becoming more confusing?

We need to walk until we have escaped the confusion of our normal lives, you will know when you have reached the place, because almost nothing reminds you of Home. There is nothing about the place that is home, there is no way Ho, Ghana is my "Home Away from Home."

When you come to a place that is truly not home, you will know your own home and be grateful, because you climbed out of the valley of confusion onto a mountain, From this mountain you can see clearly and nothing will ever be the same again.

Traveling to place where you see no other Travelers will teach you:
To be alone, but not lonely.
To learn how to find happiness when you are unhappy.
To accept love from people when offered.
To leave people, and know you never left, you are still with them.
To have real friendship with a person you met five minutes ago.
To want people in your life, but never be needy.
To stop looking for the ultimate answer that will solve all problems.
To stop trying to escape, because you have escaped.
To know the path away from confusion is the clear path, and know you are on it.

Travel is to fall in love with the simple things in life, and to walk down a path until your friends stop following, and accept they believe you are crazy for leaving their world. You friends will believe you are crazy, and you will believe they are crazy for staying.

A little voice in all humans keeps saying,
"Escape, escape, escape."
That little voice has stopped in my head because I have escaped, and now I am found.

Should you come to a remote place like Ghana? Yes, when you are ready to climb out of your box. However, please remember, when you arrive at the end of the earth, there be dragons. These dragons will burn away the past, scorch away old memories and you can create a new person out of the ashes, and this is painful.

Is Ghana West Africa a Tourist Destination