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Invention is Observation Travel Tip

Invention is Observation Travel Tip
I met an English man on the plane from England to Ethiopia and he said a comment that stuck in my brain,
“Invention is Observation.”

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Saturday, May 16, 2009



I have lied in bed observing the door to my Hotel room for 11 years. In this time, I have observed that mosquitoes enter the room under the crack below the door.

Therefore I take my towel, a.k.a rug and covered the crack.

Now, please do not oversimplify this, yes, this is obvious, yes, it is just common sense and once you know the answer, it seems silly to even discuss.

Please try to focus, please try to prioritize you thinking, I have solved many travel problems in the last 11 years of perpetual travel. Even though I was never able to verbalize the reasons, listening to the Englishman, explain this concept made me realize how I solve problems.

I observe, and they I observe again and again and again until in some quantum leap of brain activity I force an invention or solution to enter my brain.

Look at the problem until a solution arrives.

Message to Bob,
This is a photo of me working on a Travel Tip to explain how cover windows with mosquito netting.

Invention is Observation Travel Tip