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Indonesia Photos Bandung Asia

Indonesia Photos
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

I took a few photos in Bandung; the culture is similar to Thailand, not a huge difference, about the level of difference between the USA and Europe.

This is a bike rickshaw or taxi in Bandung, Indonesia.

A mobile restaurant. This man allowed me to take his photo than said thank you, Indonesia is good about photos. They build these small cabinets complete with shelves, cutting area and a place to cook. …it is possible he is not cooking.

The cart made into a restaurant is the more common way to do this.

I have been wondering about the flat piece of wood between the two small cabinets for too long of time now. I think sometimes it is Bamboo, hard for me to believe a piece of bamboo is strong enough, however maybe it is, it is also shaped wood. It is a solid, stable, flexible piece of wood, and does a difficult job for such a small piece.

Carrying things on ones shoulder is common. The distribution of weight between the front and back is common in the more simple cultures. Then as they progress it appears the forget this and make a lopsided method of carrying things. I have front a backpack, the distribution of weight makes it more comfortable. I think sometimes modern mean to forget what works.

I do not know what this is, and tried for a few minutes to learn. It is a type of food in Bandung, Indonesia.

The woman on the left requested I take her photo. She is smiling, she is also shy, she wanted a photo, I stop to take her photo, and however, she would not remove her hands from in front of her face. Finally, with some sign language and the other people helping me, she realized I wanted the hand away from the face. This is why she is sort of hiding her hands and smiling.

These round wicker like trays are common in Bandung, and they sell them everywhere. It is an interesting method or way to keep the foods they sell off the table, however than they can walk away fast with their products. I do not remember seeing this in Thailand, or the other countries north of here. I am sure the Indonesia people that have traveled their brought this with them, however I do not remember. It is possible it is everywhere in Thailand and I have never seen.

I am presently in Jakarta in a Tourist Bubble, where all the normal culture has turned to a serve the Tourist Culture. In Bandung, there are so few tourist that nothing changed.

This machine takes a coconut and grinds or shreds it.

Indonesia Photos