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India Worker will NOT get the Internet Job

If you did not know, IT people, techies, and other internet and computer people are anal. This probably applies to me, but I hope I am normally in remission, but not always.

Today a person applied for a CSS job today with our online Hobo Job Application. I wrote a personal reply, and received this email back. It is an obstacle course, which forces me to jump through hoops to prove I want to talk with Epill. I know why he needs a job; he is part of the new dysfunctional business world.

In the end, these email filtering companies harvest my emails as potential clients, and they do the novation as the new spammer.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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On Hold with Support
Have you ever called up Support and got put on hold? What are the most amounts of Emails you have written to a support staff, with email systems that too complicated to navigate?

If I hire a person that does this crap, I can guarantee you will be put on hold by our staff, ignored, and you will go through a maze of crap to talk to people. It all starts with the first communication, while the rest of the world is closing off; I think we should open the doors.

If you did not notice, there is a notice in the emails now at the bottom, saying to click reply to write me. Each year that passes; I get better at managing emails, not worst. I guess Epill cannot figure out how to manage emails, so he just blocks them, the normal solution for IT support.

I have a couple of rules in life, call me Dude, and I lose respect for you. Make obstacles to communications and I close the door. If you never pick up the telephone, I stop calling.

Interesting, they can still call me up and find out why, because my door is still open.

If you hire a worked, he or she should be extremely easy to contact. As best I can tell, Facebook is occupied with people that gave up on email.

India Worker will NOT get the Internet Job