Imagine Africa Ruled by Children

Imagine Africa Ruled by Children
5:31 in the morning, the business next door has turned on the music at full volume, I say to myself,

Imagine a school full of teenage children where all the teachers left, and,
“Welcome to Africa.”

The Majority of Africa Colonization ended in the 1960’s and in my opinion there is a vacuum. The tribal chief system of cultural management was disrupted by colonization, when the colonizers left there was no clear cultural norms in takes its place.

Gitarama, Rwanda
East Africa
Monday, May 25, 2009


Heating Water in my Room in Gitarama, Rwanda to bath.

I am in the Amatana Center Hotel in Gitamara, Rwanda, truly a nice Hotel for 5000 Francs, however as normal in Africa it feels like I need to tell them,
“Please turn on the Hot Water heater.”

They will turn on the Hot Water, however, I would again need to tell them tomorrow and the next day and I cannot spank them.

I have been traveling in East Africa at an altitude of 1300-2000 meters above see the majority of the time here in East Africa. It is not hot, it cool to cold and in the morning without a hot shower anyone would want to avoid bathing.

I have been thinking, I have a bucket, I have a hot water heater, I just heat the water as part of my normal day as a traveler, what do the other tourist do?

Living in Hotels is normally like putting together a puzzle without all the pieces. I am lucky; I have a lot of spare pieces in my backpack to make up for the ones taken by the children.

Imagine Africa Ruled by Children