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Ignore Price of Hotel Signs Travel Tip

Ignore Price of Hotel Signs Travel Tip
In Mexico, Central America, and South America I advise you to generally ignore any posted prices for Hotel Rooms.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Friday, January 9, 2009
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I had an owner of a Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala point at a sign like this and say,
“This is how much we charge for rooms.”

I start to laugh and said,
“That is not how much people pay.”

Although a good idea, and I do appreciate the Tourist Information systems of countries trying to control prices, I always remember, this is the “Mundo Latino.”

In the Latino World, everything is negotiable, and you must learn to negotiate. They often will say,
“the prices are not negotiable.”

Hehehe, and many people believe that also…

If you are renting a room for more than one night, almost anywhere on the planet, I would advise you to ask for a discount. You got everything to gain, and nothing to lose, I often feel people enjoy paying too much. The locals respect people who fight for a good bargain.

I seldom get Hotel reservations, I do not enjoy the idea of reserving a bad room and paying too much. If I do get a reservation, it is generally only for one night.

Ignore Price of Hotel Signs Travel Tip