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If you can't SHOW something good

I am going to start showing Sosua beach photos everyday for a while, I am going to experiment,
"If you can't SHOW something good, then don't say anything at all,"

I have a Canon camera with a 20X zoom, I am setting it up on a six inch high tri-pod and taking photos of the beach.

I will improve with time…

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Friday, May 6, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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I am not too happy with the "Big G," there is a company that is monopolizing the Internet, and it is staring to spin out of control with greed. This site says I cannot talk about them, I cannot explain their tactics, because they are the "Big G" of the Internet.

The Big G is saying, only popular words, and photos are acceptable, I must force readers to look at three pages by hook or crook, just reading one page is now a no no.

If you want to help me, look at 10 pages every day on our site.

If you can't SHOW something good


One of our biggest problems is that we post a lot of photos. This means that many people enter through Google images, look at the photo they want to see (steal it probably) with the site just sitting in the background, and then click away. How do you keep bounce rate down when people see only a photo and not even the page it is on? You can't.


Pato is right, people look at he photos and skim over the text, an idea, perhaps for the future is to break down hobohideout into regions, North America, Central America and Caribbean, South America, SE Asia, Sub Equitorial Africa, Australia, NZ, Bali, fiji, etc. etc. Find a real live person in each country, perhaps a bilingual native guide who is working his or her way through University driving guiding visitors free time, I was a 'driver owner' in my region for many years, and know that many of these 'driver owners' native or ex pat guides in many countries have gone out their way to help their clients, taking them to places tourists do not frequent, bargaining for them in crafts markets, taking those who wish to retire or relocate to look at rentals, land and real estate being rented or sold directly by the owner, as in here in El Salvador, where there are few 'ex pats', buying good beach property is a breeze with the assistance of a sharp local, native speaker. There are a some young people here who guide and assist all types of visitors for love of country, la patria, as well as the financial reward, besides just 'hotels' there should be PEOPLE on hobohideout, hotels are things, located in places, in the end all depends on the hotel owner and the employees, Pato did a good write up on Hotel Casa Shalom, where I met the owner Doris, got a good breakfast every morning and Doris gives discounts on some shuttles, as well, speaks fluent English so is able to assist non English speaking travelers, for 13 USD 100 Quetzales got what I paid for PS the lockers only in the dorm room, so if you need to lock up your passport and valuables ask Doris at the desk. Saludos
'Advice is cheap, experience is priceless'



"If you want to help me, look at 10 pages every day on our site". I'm not so clear on what this actually entails.
My click Eye Q is pretty low.

If I click on the "older" button at the top ten times, each time I log in to look at your newest post, have I done you a good service as far as the Big G's ratings go? If that is true, maybe you could get Boy Genius to figure out a software "tool" that would do that for me, after I just click on the "tool" once.

Is clicking "older" 10 times good, and then clicking "newer" 10 more times even better for your Big G ratings?

If that works, get Boy Genius to make the web page so that the older/newer buttons don't move around the screen when the next page opens, so that the mouse can be in the same place to click the next time.