I would like to stop being Angry and Frustrated

Everyday of the week, I receive about 100 e-mails, these e-mails make me angry, frustrated, and yesterday I hollered a "Boy Genius from India." for no good reason, I have little patience, my nerves are tattered.

Why am I angry --- 1 to 6 ?

1. I am frustrated after leaving a country I love "Ivory Coast" because of stupid violence and being force to flee to Senegal that is not my cup of tea.

2. Doing my USA Income Taxes for 2010, and wanted to club one accountant over the head. However, fortunately I found another one to help me file a 2555 form. Note, I truly do not pay taxes, which are not the problem; it is the preparation I do not like to prove I do not need to pay taxes. Form 2555

3. Patience, my patience is worn thin with many people in my life. I write or say something, and they do not read or listen, and I need to repeat myself.

4. Paying 30 Dollars per night for a Hotel room that is worth 14 Dollars in a global market, it never feels good to pay too much for something and to be forced to do so because I cannot find and acceptable alternative.

5. Google changed their algorithm, my traffic decreased 10-15 percent, and my income will decrease the same. I got a cut in pay, and my cost of living increased because of the Hotels in Senegal, a country that is not that great.

6. No where to walk that is interesting, Senegal only is about a one-half hour per day curious-to-look-at-country, and I am quickly running out of things to look at. If you monitor the number of photos I publish daily, you can see it has dropped dramatically since I left Ivory Coast, Ghana or Togo.

"Asked to leave the Island."
I am making a list, of who, when, where, what, why or how to say,
"Leave the Island."
"You have been voted off the Island."
"We are asking you to leave the Island."

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Thursday, March 10, 2011


To Mom.
I think my Mother is the only person who reads 100 percent of my post.

Mom, I think I am referring to the show "Survivor," I think the show is insanely stupid, therefore, I do not know the phrase correctly. Nevertheless, it is something like this, people in the show are voted off, or asked to leave the island because they are not wanted, more or less saying.
"We do not want you."
"I do not want you."

I am not able to watch USA television, I do not live in the USA, however, I do download the "Action Soap Opera" called 24 with Kiefer Sutherland.

Nagging that is Temporary versus Continuous

1 to 6 are temporary, these are nagging problems that will go away. I am in complete control of my who, when, where, what, why and how much, so I am free. I know these nagging problems will end, the Google thing is just normal business, it is permanent, but I am not going to "Jeté."

Hmm, I am in a Francophone country, sometimes the first word that comes to mind is in French, an intriguing analysis of my brain.

Which one is a continuous nagging problem in my life?
---- E-mails ----

I can read these e-mails quickly, effective and efficiently, the time is not the problem, it is the quality.

List of Problem E-mails

1. Comments Moderation on the Blog
a. I dislike about 1 in 8
b. Black hole, about 1 in 20 and never allow readers to read.

"I do not enjoy starting to read crap comments, it is not possible to just ignore a negative, I must think for a second, this is too long."

2. Submission to HoboTraveler.com directory that are spam, our site allows people to submit links and comments
a. I delete 80 percent of them, I must read maybe 25 per day, it is not fun to know that reputable sites and businesses will spit out crap in the hope of earning money.

3. Questions asked on site:
Please understand, 90 percent of the questions asked are not people coming from the Blog, they are question asked on the main site of HoboTraveler.com
a. I ignore about 80 percent; they are not even close to knowing why they wrote.
b. I reply to about 20 percent.
Index page of HoboTraveler.com

Secret to Happiness Formula
My long-standing secret to happiness formula is this, to remove all un-happy things from my life, and what remains is happiness.

This takes a lot of work some days, it is not easy to work with people, live with people, to be a human that exist and just avoid all stress. I like Adventure stress, I enjoyed Ivory Coast up to a limit, then after that, it became over the top, and I declared "no joy."

Possible Solutions to Moderation of Blog Comments

1. Stop all comments on Travel Blog.
(Note, I am not positive they make money for the site or me.)

2. Find two to five people to use as trusted moderators who receive all the comments by e-mail and moderate so I do not need to read some of the annoying comments… I would receive the comments that are good.

3. Require readers to log-in before they comment, this will allow us to vote people off the Island almost completely.

OK, enough of this rant.

GPS and Google Maps Disagrees
I have a Magellan GPS toy in my backpack, I have been taking a longitude and latitude readings, I enter the number into a control panel and it answers the question:
Where is Andy?

Strangely, I kept telling Boy Genius, his coding was bad, and he proved to me his coding was correct and that somehow my GPS and Google Maps disagree. The longitude and latitude coordinates do not agree, they point at different locations. This means that either my GPS is not correct or Google Maps is not correct.

My Best 2 Dollar of Travel Money Spent
I purchased a can of insecticide; I do this often, and sprayed my room in Senegal to kill many mosquitoes that were hiding during the day. It is amazing how two dollars worth of insecticide can take a room that has some annoying feelings and remove them. I have been doing this now for about 4-5 years. There is no better investment in comfort than the cost of a can of insecticide to kill something.

You do not even know how many things are crawling on your body, whether it is mites, ants, no see ums or just big old cockroaches. Cockroaches are scary, they seldom truly cause a problem and they eat bedbugs, but mites and no see ums need killed.

Truly, a great travel tip, spray downs your room prior to living in it, and your quality of life will truly improve.

Bending Steel for Construction in Senegal
A couple of nice construction workers allowed me to make a video of them bending rebar or steel that will go inside concrete columns and joist here in Yoff or Dakar.

Standing on Bridge Video
Me standing on a sidewalk overpass, over a four lane highway and explaining Senegal.

I would like to stop being Angry and Frustrated