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I Will Call You Back Travel Tip

Running an International Business is a challenge; few people understand how to call overseas. I have three telephone numbers,, Local SIM card, and the Verizon HTC USA number. I have decided, this is too confusing for business calls. Yes, I run an international business. I need to manage telephone calls with Public Relation firms and Advertisers.

I am international, they are not.

How many times do you call overseas per year?
Per month?
Per day?

I call this part of my “Inquiry Handling System.” A businessperson will now have to fill out an online form, submit their telephone number, and I will call them.

Petit Goave, Haiti - Ayiti - Monday, November 23, 2009
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After years of travel, I must accept, only about 1 in 10 of these people can successfully call me overseas. There are many reasons the call fails.

1. Fear, they just have a fear of overseas calls.
2. Code to leave the USA
3. Cost, they think it will cost them outrageous amounts of money.
4. Time zones, they cannot interpret time zones, especially when I am in Asia.
5. The call takes 10-15 rings to connect, they let it ring 4.
6. The telephone relay switches confuse them, and they hang up.
7. They give up easy.
8. They do not want to lose face and ask people for help.
9. They say to themselves, I cannot call you; you are out of the country.
10. Country code of my current country, they do not know how to find.

This is fun, I enjoy learning how people think. The operation of business is not to manage people, but to remove obstacles to production.

I Will Call You Back Travel Tip