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I Want to See Your Photo

2011-04-15 00:40:00

I want to see your photo, please upload photos to I want to know you and become friends; this is now possible on
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This is me standing in front of the Hotel swimming pool in the city of Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
Here is my profile: Many Photos of Andy

Ghana, West Africa --- Friday, April 15, 2011

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My Dream for My Hobo
I want to plan a trip, say for example I want to visit Sweden, one of the most expensive places on the planet. I hope to one day get on "My Hobo," search for the city, then find people who have visited Sweden listed there.
I would then send a Private Message to a real person and ask them,
"What did you think of Sweden?"
"Do you know a good Apartment for me to rent that is cheap?"

We compare notes with real people, no sale pitches, and the real story. I do not know about you, but paying thousands of dollars to visit a country, I want a real person explaining to me the pros and cons.

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I Want to See Your Photo