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This is me standing in front of the Hotel swimming pool in the city of Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
Here is my profile: Many Photos of Andy

Ghana, West Africa --- Friday, April 15, 2011

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I want to plan a trip, say for example I want to visit Sweden, one of the most expensive places on the planet. I hope to one day get on "My Hobo," search for the city, then find people who have visited Sweden listed there.
I would then send a Private Message to a real person and ask them,
"What did you think of Sweden?"
"Do you know a good Apartment for me to rent that is cheap?"

We compare notes with real people, no sale pitches, and the real story. I do not know about you, but paying thousands of dollars to visit a country, I want a real person explaining to me the pros and cons.

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I Want to See Your Photo


Not sure of the concept of this new format, but here goes....

Costs of living the good life... {see pic]
Spa membership on a tropical island with ocean view from sunset side facing infinity pool, " cold plunge pool", artisan pool, private beach (no surf though), includes small gym, relaxation room with WiFi, two hot and moist saunas, outside spa...another 50M lap pool, kiddie's wee pool, bigger pooler, 3-hole course free towels, hot water, toiletries ... Pretty terrestrials abound... only $226/yr. $7.50 daily 3-star gourmet smorgasbord brunch. Life can be a vacation on a limited budget.

Monthly expenses: Spa $18.33/mo, $3-10/day x 30 days for American meals, $100 for studio/1 BD, $50-150 for electricity depending on AC requirements...and all the other expenses travel writers/retirement community planners don't remember to tell you about....accidents...miscalculations.... I'd say $500-$1000/month is doable. Safer than Cen.Am., parts of Africa I have been to, and many parts of Asia and Oceania. To each their own...

We'll see how Andy classifies it.


I once lived very inexpensively in Denmark, I do not drink alcohol, bought my food at supermarket, had economical room by month, bought monthly rail passes, met Danish women and had fun. An Israeli friend of mine came here to El Salvador in 2005 to meet a woman he would later marry, told me except for rice, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, supermarket in El Salvador more expensive than Sweden, where he had been living, contact a business associate of mine, native of Sweden now residing in Ecuador where he recently wed, Erik, eollson at tell him Donald Lee from ES sent you, Erik can give you some good tips on renting flats by month in Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Swedes and Danes reserved, but happier during short summer season, internet connections are super fast everywhere, nice change for a couple months from Ghana.


There is no 'city' of Rio Dulce in Guatemala, town is called Fronteras, in Antigua, J. who owns a commercial center there and I ran into a lot of 90 day wonders, who are experts on Guatemala and Central America, some open businesses, hole in the wall places, with no permits nor licences, with no residency, Both J. and I were living in Guatemala 24 years ago, these gringo and euro ex sperts actually got angry and upset, called us liars and try to contradict every thing we said, from J. and my old friends in Antigua and Pana got a warm welcome, invited to eat, help on a residency problem, from the new ME generation there now all I got was grief, the local people are the same, I hung out mostly with them. If you disagree with me send a private message.Any personal smears or insults deleted, by the way quietly we put some disabled kids through school, on our own, no NGO s nuff said.