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I Want to Prove I am Not Perfect

I Want to Prove I am Not Perfect

Why do I write so much?

A reader by the name of Scott wrote a comment.
"I take it that your brain does not sleep. I'm always amazed how you keep posting content and it never ends. Your a machine that does not tire."

I sensed when he wrote this, he was angry at me.

I write about my life, and I know I cannot draw a perfect circle freehand.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, March 31, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Perfection could be Defined as:
Do not look at me, I am not perfect.
Look at me, I am not perfect and need your help.
Look at me, I am perfect.
Look at me if you wish, I am not ashamed, I know I am imperfect.
- Andy


Four life positions
The phase "I'm OK, You're OK" is one of four "life positions" that each of us may take. The four positions are:
2. I'm Not OK, You're OK
4. I'm Not OK, You're Not OK
1. I'm OK, You're Not OK
3. I'm OK, You're OK
- Book --- I'm OK, You're OK, by Thomas A Harris MD'm_OK,_You're_OK

Take Your Pick
I am willing to prove I am OK and not OK at the same time. I will allow you to make your choice; I know that even when I am not perfect, I am still OK.

I will prove I am not perfect; I am willing to expose my innermost thoughts.

Secrets are the Problem
When I write, I am required to think about myself, I try to tell you all my secret thoughts. In a way, I am trying to say, get it over with, if you do not like me for who I am, that is ok, if you like me for who I am that is ok.

Solitary Confinement
Prisoners put in solitary confinement often commit suicide. When people are forced to think about themselves with no release, they often find they hate themselves.

I am ok, when I am not ok, I am still ok, and the only important opinion to worry about is the man in the mirror. I never tire of writing or talking, I like to listen to myself, and I like the person in the mirror. I know you are just looking over my shoulder as I write the story of my life, that is ok with me…

I Want to Prove I am Not Perfect


Also called simply 'taking care of number one' first. You and only you live inside your own skin 24/7.
During the days here in El Salvador I am not lonely, I like to stop and talk to people, friends and aquaintances (Conocidos) both, made a new friend today, struck up a conversation, then walked into Cibercafe and encountered another long term friend, whose Father has just been recently named Minister of Culture in the new El Salvadorian Government.
I walk around, I take local buses, I am not afraid, some of my neighbors, good honest hard working people, are afraid to walk more than 50 meters from their front door, many locals now drive everywhere with the windows rolled up. They have been robbed 2 or 3 times, I have not. When I am alone on side streets I walk like I own the world, get out of my way! Yeah and I 'profile' people, on the bus will sit down next to adult or well dressed clean cut young person, often if they have a textbook will strike up a conversation. I am happy living here. No rat race.
Still a lot of New York City inside me.
Muy bravo, I guess
I live alone, by choice, and when I return home in the evening I am alone, by choice, not lonely.
No one is near perfect
Just don't be like the politicians and make promises you can't keep.
Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to apoligize for, if you are honest and not conning nor scamming people.
Remember as a child my Mother had a Lady friend who emigrated to US from Ireland, said teh Catholic Rosary in Gaelic and her favorite e in her thick Brouge was "There was only one who was purr-fect and they crucified Him!"

PS advice to travelers in our 'third' or 'developing' world..whatever...often I have to slow down, stop and HALT
H is Hungry
A is Angry
L is Lonely
T is Tired
A stressed, tired and or lonely traveler is a vulnerable traveler.
A relaxed traveler is aware, alert and never will be lonely
Always take time to eat meals
If someone makes me angry or upset I just try and walk away, online I can delete.I have choices. Sometimes I make bad ones, a mistake, a learning experience.


Happy travels to all

Had a "near to perfect" day so far. Best I can hope for.