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I Updated Mobile Office and Adventure Blogs

2010-12-13 22:56:32

Boy Genius from India and I have added about 200 new Blog systems to the budget travel directory. What this essentially means, when a reader is only interested in reading what I write about specific topics, or other guest writers. The reader can read, without needing to read other topic they wish to avoid.

Example, today, I updated two Blogs:

Mobile Office Blog

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Adventure Blog

Why? I Realized a Travel Blog is a Joke
This is because it is hard to get a large readership, because when I change countries, the people who subscribed to study for a vacation leave. Here in Africa, nobody is subscribing….

When I first started, I wrote a Travelogue, a daily report on my travels, I think this wrapped around some travel tips was interesting to readers. As Blogs evolved they changed from "Logs" to daily "Articles" written, well, this is not truly a travelogue, I bought into this strategy and started writing article type post, well this destroys the continuity of the story, and it becomes difficult for a reader to follow along on my trip in a vicarious way.

Money, the reason to write articles is for money, a well-chosen title will get more organic search traffic coming from Google over the years than just one daily NEW travel Blog post read by readers. The sum of all the daily readers is not as big a number as all the possible search results by or

Therefore, to remedy the situation, a guest writer or I can now write on one of any of the 200 subject of, on the index is a list of all the subjects. If you are an expert on one of the 200 subject available, you are invited to write.

People Read Travel Blogs to Plan Trips
Generally, readers of Travel Blogs are expecting to read commercial articles from travel writers who are not really traveling, Being that there are just a handful of true perpetual travelers, the non-traveling, "Travel Writers" dominate the travel Blog genre.

Aaagh, this is painful, why can’t I be a travel writer and really travel?
The bottom line, Travel Writers do not travel, they normally writer well planned articles that are just advertisements wrapped up in words. Conde Nast an the such are examples, the advertisers actually pay to be included in these, they do not pay the writers, they are paid by the advertisers to write.

I have never, and have not plans to suck up to advertisers, and write for them, I would rather stop writing than be a flunky to the Travel Industry. In many ways, I hate thinking or calling myself a Travel Writer. I do not resemble the average travel writer, the big difference is I actually travel on my own dollars, and do not take free room and trips. Not to say I would not, but truly, they know it is dangerous, I might cough up the truth, and not say nice things.

I have wanted to write about a whole country, if the Public Relations for the Travel Information of Ghana wanted me to explain Ghana, and gave me a free plane ticket, this would be my ideal way of taking freebies.

However, generally I do not want to travel where someone pays, I want to go where I go, I like being a real nomad, not just pretending to be a nomad to romanticize the travel.

Therefore, if I bore you on a general basis, you can now just read the topics you want, the only downfall is that a person must do this by RSS Feed, and this often is too complicated for readers. I am thinking about hooking them to Facebook, so this type of reader could monitor, but truly, the whole Blog thing has become a mess because of Facebook.

Facebook has allowed everybody to become a Blogger, the essential ingredient to a Blob being that a person can make comments below what a person wrote. Therefore, Facebook or Twitter can be considered social spins of the Blog concept.

I pay 75 dollars per month to send this by e-mail, they clean up all the jerks who click the spam button instead of the unsubscribe as would be adult. I cannot afford to pay to keep clean list for 200 Blogs, when the readership of anyone section breaks into financial feasibility I will do so.

I Hope Boy Genius Gets On Board Soon
I have been bringing up the subject of including links to post, I am telling you that I have updated Mobile Office and Adventure, but we can and will include these updated links soon in the general Blog e-mail. I just need to get Boy Genius from India to wrap his brain around this idea of aggregating all the Blogs into one post.

If you are not interested in reading all my missives, rants, or rambling, but would like to read about one specific subject you can, by going to this link:
Click on the subject that you want to read, then click on the RSS feed, and subscribe. I recommend you use Google Reader, because that system survives you buying a new computer.
Google Reader

To truly enjoy the value of the Internet writers, a person need to understand Google Reader. By becoming adept and proficient in subscribing and un-subscribing to RSS Feeds, you can monitor a large variety of subject using the least amount of time. Soon all the Smartphone, and especially the Android will do this, but all Cell Phone will have Internet access within the next two years.

Good luck, this is baffling to understand, and is the Internet is not getting simpler, it is getting more complicated. It may be soon the group inside Facebook, and those outside, or in the past and still crazy --- the in the AOL --- Crap, and those outside of AOL. Anyone subscribed to the Internet by AOL is truly hamstringing his or her ability to have knowledge.

Rant and Raves, ooops.

I Updated Mobile Office and Adventure Blogs