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I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday

2009-10-25 23:17:48

I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday
I wish to thank all my friends for sending Happy Birthday wishes. I try my best to avoid getting older, then yesterday was my Birthday. What can I do, I had all these well-intended people are writing, calling, posting on my Facebook.com wall,
“Happy Birthday.”

I just do not understand. Is it polite to remind somebody they are getting older? Hard to be in denial when everyone around you refuses to be good enablers, I thought my friends were more dysfunctional than this.

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Monday, October 26, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at for more than I paid, sorry.


I think I can use this age thing to my benefit… Ok, thanks everyone, I am too old and tired to reply to all your Birthday wishes, I will do it in this post.

Thank You

I again have to admit,
“Everyone my age is older than me.”

I heard a good answer to the eternal question,
“Why are you not married?”
“Just lucky I guess.”

I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday

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