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I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday

I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday
I wish to thank all my friends for sending Happy Birthday wishes. I try my best to avoid getting older, then yesterday was my Birthday. What can I do, I had all these well-intended people are writing, calling, posting on my wall,
“Happy Birthday.”

I just do not understand. Is it polite to remind somebody they are getting older? Hard to be in denial when everyone around you refuses to be good enablers, I thought my friends were more dysfunctional than this.

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Monday, October 26, 2009

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I think I can use this age thing to my benefit… Ok, thanks everyone, I am too old and tired to reply to all your Birthday wishes, I will do it in this post.

Thank You

I again have to admit,
“Everyone my age is older than me.”

I heard a good answer to the eternal question,
“Why are you not married?”
“Just lucky I guess.”

I Turned 54 Years Old Yesterday


Happy Birthday Andy!

Now it makes sense, all the talk about being, feeling and looking old. The old guy in the mirror. In the mirror of our mind's eye, we are all 25, so of course we are shocked when we catch a real glimpse.

Like they say, "It's hell getting old but it's better than the alternative".

p.s. Glad you left the Phillipines!!