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I Traveled to Accra Ghana to Apply for Liberia Visa

I took a Tro Tro (Van) from Ho, Ghana to Accra, the distance from Hotel room to Hotel room in time was five hours. Three to four hours of travel, time is my target goal, I do not enjoy making jumps longer than this, and the decompression time is seldom worth it. It is wise to pose the question to yourself,
"How can I enjoy the next day when I just spent 25 hours on an Airplane?"
distance from

Visa to Liberia
Ok, yes, I have changed my mind, I will return to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast); with the plan too travel by land to Liberia, then onto Sierra Leone, the Gambia, and Senegal etc. The small civil war in Ivory Coast has become a stalemate, my prognostication is both sides of the argument will continue to kill key members of the other political party, and after about a year, there will be a power sharing plan developed that allows a fake democracy to exist.
(Jeter la constitution.)

Strategies for Travel
Foolish travelers stick with the plan, even after it is obvious their planned itinerary has been disrupted. Long-term readers know I regularly become a liar, what I said a Blog post two weeks ago may never happen. I refuse to allow a prior travel strategy to be hard-coded; all my plans are 100 percent flexible. There is always some new information in my head bouncing around, trying to find footing, or in the end, maybe I discard as not feasible.

Example: I believe there is a World Malaria Day conference on March 25, 2011 in Europe somewhere; it would be great to attend. If you look at this map, I have spent my last 12 years of travel in these areas; my street knowledge of Malaria is first level.
--- Please help me, I need to know, when, where, what, how much? World Malaria Day?
If you truly want me to go, send 1000 U.S. Dollars, this is my Airfare cost as a private concerned citizen who believe he has true on the street knowledge that can save lives.

Accra, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Are you a Traveler?
Before I forget, Stephen P, the man who has been talking to me about malaria and plastic bags in West Africa on gave me a new way to separate travelers from tourist.
"You’re a traveler when you have had Malaria?"
He said his brother keeps asking him,
"Have you had Malaria?"
I added to my ever-growing FOR FUN list of the differences:
Travelers versus Tourists

Tell your Ghana Friends to claim the 150 Cedis price in Ho, Ghana
I hid a Tigo Cell Phone yesterday in the Tarso, Hotel, the person who finds it will have a new cell phone and the chance to win 150 Cedis GH or 100 US Dollars. The contest started yesterday, nobody has claimed it, and in a new twist, to settle disputes on the YouTube videos. I am going to give the 100 Dollars to the first person that goes to the Tarso Hotel with a Tigo Facebook phone, and records the Phone, the Hotel and themselves in one video and sends me the link.

First Person to send link, read this, the first person to send link to video, so if you have friends in Ghana, this is an easy 100 Dollars. Read the details: Hobo Scavenger Hunt

Travel Tip - How to know which clothes in your packed backpack are clean?

Video of One Minute Passport Photo in Africa
Time has no meaning, however, not always easy to accept.

Remove the Plastic Garbage from this Stream and it would be Beautiful.

I Traveled to Accra Ghana to Apply for Liberia Visa