I Thought Kenya was Part of Africa

I received a truly enjoyable letter from a person in Kenya today, he or she told me.
Kenyans and all "Africans" a like do not think of themselves as "Africans"

I think of this a great example of what I feel is a social problem called:
I am having fun making a portmanteau by using "Social Status" and "Racism" to create the word.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 10, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


The Letter
Help Center Message: Andy,
You are incredibly ethnocentric in your interpretation of Kenyan culture. One thing that you should have obviously noticed (if you were culturally perceptive) when you came here is that Kenyans and all "Africans" a like do not think of themselves as "Africans" in the sense of a unified homogeneous state. It's offensive to refer to a Kenyan by the continent. In the same I don't refer to Haitians, Canadians, Jamaicans and Mexicans e.t.c as North Americans.

It's also funny that you think that Kenyans don't have an entrepreneurial acumen, you visited rural areas populated by ethnic groups that have historically been economically marginalized. Most of them don't value entrepreneurship because they have never been exposed to it. And if you have not noticed, our economic system is not like your American system so don't make comparisons and judgments as if we share the same system. In Kenya, wealth is controlled by a select few elitists, families who were among the first to industrialize this country, the wealth is kept in these families and rarely does a substantial amount of wealth reach average Kenyans. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a well to do aristocratic family in Kenya that valued the art of entrepreneurship and I think it's important for other Kenyans to do so, but I'm foolish enough to assume that ALL kenyans should have an innate desire to make money. Your generalizations and stereotyp! es are hurtful and uncalled for. I'm glad that you took your bitter behind out of our country.

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Name: Mbaluka Mutinda
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I guess he or she believe I would feel repulsion to be called a "North American." What this persons is saying between the lines is this,
"Do not group me or my country with countries I consider below me, we think we are special, therefore you are offending us."


Please remove my email from you website, you posted it without my
consent and I am receiving unwanted emails from your readers. I'm
really disappointed in you but I can't say that I'm surprised. You
take pictures of natives without their permission, you publish private
emails of your readers without their permission and you disrespect the
cultures and the people that you visit. I apologize if my first email
came across a bit aggressive, I wrote it in anger and retaliation
because I felt like you went out of your way to insult my nation.

Peace and love

I Thought Kenya was Part of Africa