I need a Travel Mirror with Light for Travel

I am having great fun here in Senegal, and it has nothing to do with being in Senegal. What do I miss about the USA the most? The ability to stand in front of a lighted mirror and shave. I miss this because I have never tried to figure out a solution, I have just accepted this problem for 13 years, yesterday I found a solution by focusing on this travel problem and doing travel research.

I live in a world of small islands; these "Traveler Islands" can be moved from country to country. I live in approximately the same Hotel room all the time. Now, you need to pretend for a second I live in the Hilton, you know I do not, but please pretend. Then pretend I just move from the Hilton in Abidjan, Ivory Coast to the Hilton in Dakar, Senegal. You would be expecting me to live rather nice, in comfort and free of worries.

This is almost exactly, what I do; I always live in the same standard of Hotel room. The price sometimes goes up 5-10 dollars, but my quality of life remains the same. Often a hotel truly sucks for everyone in the Hotel, but for me it is great.

Everyone is taking a cold shower in my present Hotel in Senegal, except for me, and it is 70 degrees outside, a person needs a light jacket at night. I have a hot shower because I am special…

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Monday, March 7, 2011


Why good fun in Senegal?
On these small "Traveler Islands" where I live, I sometime come up with great ideas for fun and entertainment.


1. Meeting Bah, my Ivory Coast girlfriend was one of the best forms of entertainment and diversion in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

2. Catching the Malaria Parasite in my body and killing it was exciting and entertaining in Lome, Togo.

3. Of course it was an Adventure travel extreme rush to know I could be killed in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in the small civil war there.

4. Senegal Fun
I have stumbled on a book idea, and my mind is rushing with excitement, this is the best type of entertainment for a traveler, because thoughts and ideas are 100 percent mobile. The book idea is this, more or less I describe the how to convert a basic room into a great room by using special gear.

Dakar or Yoff, Senegal for the most part is one of the most boring places I have been in months. It is annoying to leave the room, there are these locals with dreads that confront me and want me talk with them so they can sell me something. They make the boys in Ivory Coast seem meek, and this group are over the top tourist trap aggressive.

A Not-in-Africa Hotel
The present Hotel I am living in, located on my "Traveler Island" that has now moved to Senegal has he common area outside my room is extra nice. The Belgium owner and the present manager of the Hotel made this Hotel nothing like Africa, so when I am not walking around outside the Hotel in Senegal, I can return to my room and peace, I am in Belgium. If I enter my room, I am in the USA.

This is what a Five Star Hotel does, it allows you to live in the USA, and walk out of the Hotel and observe the locals, then return to the womb.

Mentally, I am Back
I am having a lot of fun in this Hotel on my punch out list of small problems to solve for the book. One of the problems is, I need a mirror and light to shave in my room. This is not a problem for me, but it is for many people. Women want to put on makeup, I like to shave with a good mirror and light, but I am not going to change Hotels because of this, I can shave in the dark.

I remember one time in Togo, a man moved into a 40-dollar hotel so he could shave. I think he looked at himself in the mirror and shaved everyday for a half-hour. He was only happy when the mirror and lighting was good in the Hotel, so he paid an extra 20 Dollars per night for room just so he could shave.

I am paying an extra paying and extra 10 dollars, or 300 dollars per month right now to have high-speed internet in my room in Senegal.

I figured out a way now to have great lighting in my restroom, so I can shave.
I always have a hot water bath, I always have a coffee cup, I always have fitted sheets, I always have a place to hang my clothes, and the room seldom supplies them, I carry gear that allows this to happen.

Funny, I realized, I am always complaining about Hotel rooms on this Blog. Then, in an almost silly lack of explanation by me. I forget to tell the readers, I never suffered, because I always have with me work-around-solutions. I am just complaining, but I seldom suffer because of the complaint, I am annoyed at Hotels for not supplying basic travel room needs.

Video of Toyota Overland Vehicle in Via Via Auberge in Yoff, Dakar, Senegal

I need a Travel Mirror with Light for Travel