I Need a Predictable Environment

2009-08-12 12:28:42

I Need a Predictable Environment
I ponder what are the side effects of 11 years of perpetual travel on my mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is debatable whether I am stronger or weaker, what parts of this machine is damaged and which parts are working optimal efficiency.

A traveler understands standing in line, queuing up, and wonders how such a simple task becomes a “Charlie Foxtrot.”

I personally believe humans are animals and will crave, seek, and find what we need. I do not want to solve any problems today, tomorrow, or for the next few weeks, I want a boring life.

Bauang or San Fernando Philippines
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have found myself repeating the same words of wisdom, the same advice, to my Thailand Girlfriend here in the Philippines. She will ask questions,
“Why do the Philippines people answer no before you ask the question?”
“Why do the Philippines people not finish buildings?”
“Why do the Philippines people move to Manila?”
“Why do they stand in the middle of the sidewalk?”

My advice is something like,
“You do not want to think about this, please try not to think about it, trying to find the answers will drive you crazy, you truly do not want to understand how the world works.”
If a person becomes frustrated, the solution is easy, do less…

I accepted many years ago, the majority of Tourists needs to go home to relax, they were not on vacation, they were not recreating themselves, and they had just changed channels. I think planning a vacation is an oxymoron.

I find that chaos is my best friend, an annoying friend at that, but the more I accept I cannot control my friend, the happier I become. I am not going to feel guilty, I will do less today, and I will try to get nothing done.

I am going to lie around the swimming pool here in the Bali Hai East Hotel here in Bauang, Philippines and comtemplate the definition of the word "resort."

I Need a Predictable Environment

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