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I Moved from Pana to San Pedro Lake Atitlan Guatemala

I took an 80 USD taxi from the airport to Pana, spent nine days in Pana, said hello to all the older Panajachel Expat friends and now I am in San Pedro de Laguna on the other side of the lake.

I am age 55, but for some odd reason, all the people the same age as me are older than me.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


San Pedro is full of Hippie Chicks with Tattoos
There is always a trade off, older dope smokers, or younger ones with tattoos, the defining grace of Lago Atitlan is the mystic of smoking dope. In reality, I seldom smell marijuana, nonetheless, this lake is a dope smokers paradise, the place to have like kind people around you, on the other hand, I do not smoke or drink, so why am I here?

Well, the locals are great, the tourists are as close to the globalization of idiots as it gets on planet earth. However, as always, there is the 1 in 50 that I rather sane, sensible, and down to earth in any location, so I tend to ignore tourists and Expats.

The locals are great, and the altitude at 1500 meters above sea level in the tropics makes this the most perfect climate for anywhere I have been in 13 years of perpetual travel. Bottom line, this is probably the best place to retire I know of on planet earth if you are still married, and rather difficult if you are single.

If there was a way to import 50 Filipina girls or 50 Ivory Coast girls, this place would be heaven,

Young American Girls with Tattoo or Missionaries
I am not sure what to do with the young American or old American women on this lake, I try my best to avoid them. I am not sure what is up with the American culture, but it is dipping to all time lows for lovability.

The girls are not lovable, and have fat ankles, they treat people as if they are somehow special, they dress frumpy, are chubby and have no knowledge of the world. The European girls are a little better, but generally, Facebook and Tattoos have rob the brains from these people.

Boys, I guess I have no opinion, I ignore them completely,

Generally, any location on the planet is great if you are capable of separating the chickens, dogs, and general lunatics away from your hotel or apartment room. I am great here in San Pedro, the hotel is as perfect as it gets, and I can walk into the lunatic asylum anytime I wish.

Note, I know how to talk "Veggie" and can take the piss at high levels of conversation speed.

I Moved from Pana to San Pedro Lake Atitlan Guatemala