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I Live in an Imperfect World and the only Perfection is Fantasy

People will only pay for fantasy, because they are searching for the perfect world. Soon we are going to serve up readers only a fantasy world, and hide the real world. The truth does not sell on the Internet, only fantasy. We will never reveal the negatives, we will only show the positives and allow readers to be ambushed the same as all the other sites.

15 minutes of Fame
"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."
- Quote from Andy Warhol

They say, we only have five friends in life…
They say, we have 15 minutes of fame…
They say, people love me for who I am…
They say, do not pay attention to what other people say…


"Somewhere on this planet it must exist a place, an experience, an encounter that changes everything."

- The Movie - The Beach
"I with you all the way Daffy."
--- The Movie -- The Beach

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I am between a rock and a hard spot.
Google says, only perfect is acceptable, or we give you zero rank, you must be loved.
Facebook say, only a like is good.
99 percent of readers want fantasy, and explanation of real world make no money.
WordPress allows an idiot to make a beautiful web site, we are competing with no brains.

They idiots are multiplying at an exponential rate, and Daffy, I am with you all the way, I know they are going to destroy my perfect beach.

I am a moralist, I am an ethical person, it pains me to even think of writing something that is a fantasy. 99.99 percent of travel writing is hokey at best, a lie is normal, and the truth is so rare, that when people read the truth, they believe it is a lie.

What is the solution? My solution is to write books, it is the only way to make money, the internet has become a place where only fantasy sells, the untruth of the world is of value to readers.
(Note: CNN is Fantasy)

I am not going to stop Blogging, but you are going to find it extremely difficult to find the Travel Blog. I enjoy writing to myself, it is cathartic, it is revealing, it takes abstract thoughts and forces them enter the light of day.

What do you need to do, nothing if you have subscribe by e-mail, it will continue, but the Blog links will disappear off the index of, because we must dumb down the site to unbelievable levels to make money. We must assume 99 percent of readers have no ability to think, and we must use the same standards as other sites, we must be tricky.

Many readers have written and complained to me about the request to click on pages. I could have easily made the Blog go Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four and separated it into ten pages, make more money, and make it incredibly difficult to read, that is the tricky way of doing things, and something reader will not complain about. Honest desires, and they complain, I will become a hermit soon.

I have given extremely strict orders to Andrew, boy Genius, make the site simple enough for idiots, and hide the truly intelligent stuff. Show only perfection, the real world of life is going to be hidden from people. If you want read the real world, then you will be required to buy books on paper, not in digital format.

Boat Ride to San Pedro

I Live in an Imperfect World and the only Perfection is Fantasy