I Know I will Adjust to the Climate

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."
It takes roughly two weeks to adjust to a new climate, about the length of time of a vacation, just when you start to relax, you leave.

Climate Map of my present location in Cinkasse, Togo, West Africa.

Cinkasse, Togo West Africa --- Friday, November 19, 2010
Border of Burkina Faso and Ghana


Weather is a short term, a localized situation that last less than two weeks.

Climate encompasses temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, and atmospheric particle count. There are a number of nearly constant variables that determine climate, including latitude, altitude, proportion of land to water, and proximity to oceans and mountains.

Latitude, Longitude and Altitude
We at HoboTraveler.com have been collecting the latitude and longitude, and altitude of each of my locations. This data is specialized in nature, and allows astute readers to better access a destination.

If you reviewed your world travels, you maybe be able to remember the times when you was happy and comfortable. Then if you discovered the climate conditions, with special care to know the altitude you could find similar locations for you next vacation. I enjoy tropical locations that are about 1500 meters above sea level.

The first two weeks of a trip can be enjoyable; you do not need to sit around pretending to be happy, you can actually be happy. However, to truly enjoy travel, there is a wonderful bubble of time between two weeks and 12 weeks when a location is great. I call this "Social Norms Purgatory."

I am in an area that is 95-98 percent Islamic, I would say the social climate is like living with a preacher, sort of always the preachers kid.

I Know I will Adjust to the Climate


Good Observation! Climate really can make or break a trip especially shorter 2 to 3 week vacations. Although coastal seaside areas or any water front areas are my personal favorite I can appreciate the cooler alpine climates at higher elevations. In the last 10 days traveling around the Hawaiian islands I have found that the geography isn't so special or beautiful as many island back "home" in RP but the tradewinds here provide a perfect climate between 67F and 83F ( 19C to 28C ) degrees instead of the usual hot and humid tropical climates.

In regards to periods of staying in any one country for me it's always different but 3 weeks to 3 months seems perfect if I really enjoy the culture, people, climate and geography and the cost of living and traveling is good value for the money. If money was not an object traveling or living in the wealthier countries is GREAT if one can afford it withOUT working.