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I Have Malaria and Not Food Poisoning

2010-12-03 21:50:35

I went to the Medical Clinic here in Lome; Togo had a blood test,

I thought I had eaten a bad can of peas, then after a day of feeling good the fever and lethargy returned, this was slowly upgrading levels of misery.

Paludisme, this is the French word for Malaria, and I as best I can figure, the locals all call it "Palud" or Pah-Lew, or something like that, they have it cluttered with the local Ewe language or slanged down to a level where many less educated do not know the proper word.

Lome, West Africa --- Saturday, December 4, 2010


I got on my normal morning business chat with Boy Genius from India and he was rather insistent that I go get a blood test. I am not fond of bureaucracy, and in French, in Africa, going to the Hospital is like asking to slapped, then hit me again.

Ok, at one of the times when I felt the worst possible, I am required to sit in stuffy, hot area with no fan for six hours. This is a long story, and I will return to the Clinic today and have an IV put in my arm for maybe another six hours, but today I will take photos.

I plan to explain the truly funny story tomorrow, as best I can figure; they can cure Malaria in 2-3 days.

I Have Malaria and Not Food Poisoning