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I Dream of Telling You About the Parallel Universe

There is a place you have been searching for all you life, a place that fills up gaps, that is not boring. And if you live in this place long enough, you stop being a boring person, you are a somebody, we all want to be a somebody, if only for one moment.

Please watch this scene from the movie "The Beach," you will notice Leonardo DiCaprio looks around to the left, to the right --- he is nervous, and why is he nervous: because he knows the secret, he lived a lifestyle, he lived one time in a place, he visited a Parallel Universe.

I am a Traveler, I am not suppose to tell you about our Travelers secret, which by the way is not a secret. BUT if you travel long enough, you know: you can give them a map, write a book, tell them a story, give them a video, make a movie and still, people refuse to believe in a Parallel Universe.

There is a place where you can change your stars.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


We all have gaps, there is a way to fill the gaps.

It has taken me 13 years of searching for words to explain what I intuitively know is worth everything to me, a life I will never give up, a life where I am free, it is my American dream.

My friend Ani said today to me,
"You rejected your life, you cut the strings completely,"

Why others, run away from society, but want to keep a few things, others are hiding from reality, the cannot give up, or commit to anything, always on the fence.

I do not want people to reject, I do not want them to escape, I do not want them to have illusions or delusions about a romantic world. I just would like people to take a lick, to try a small experiment, and walk off the path, and draw outside the lines.

It is my hope to one day explain my addiction to the good life. When a person likes one reality better than another reality, they refuse to stop, it becomes an addiction, I refuse to stop, and go home, I rejected one life because this Parallel Universe is truly better. If not for a lifetime, then just try it for three months, please walk barefoot for a month, please find an excuse to stumble off the path.

Yes, one person will find complete chaos, full of scams, liars, and criminals, while another will see the simplicity of saints. The two together are the perfection that fills in the gaps between two worlds to make a complete life, that is never boring.

I love the USA more today than before I left, because I know the other side of the planet. However, today I live anywhere I want, where I choose in this Universe, because I am a world citizen. I can go find the love I need, and do not have to make the best of it, I do not have to be tolerant of a bad situation, we all have the choice to change our stars.

Just keep closing your eye, then open them, you will notice that each time you open them, there is a new world, it is possible to do this daily, it is not a dream, however my dream is to draw a map.

By the Alex Garland is a traveler, or at least took a good lick.

I Dream of Telling You About the Parallel Universe

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