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I Could House Sit in Cabarete

I was talking to a friend presently in Europe, and he offhandedly mentioned that he house sat a couple of times. Then I started to think about my friend in the Philippines, he got a greatly decreased price on an apartment in Angeles City. Then Wade from managed a Hostel in Rio Dulce for a couple of months and lived free. Craig at couch surfed for about a year with his wife and son. A man wrote me saying that I could stay in Kumasi, Ghana at his house.

There is an extreme amount of theft here in Sosua and Cabarete so house sitting is needed. I would say the homeowners have a difficult time finding anybody that is trustworthy to babysit their homes.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
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Easy World Travel Budget is 1200 per Month

1. 300 to fly to next location.
2. 300 for room
3. 300 for food
4. 300 for fun

Neutralize one of the above categories and life is cheaper, and eventually you can continually move and see the planet for about 500 dollars per month.


1. - Go by land.
2. - House Sit, couch surf until you find a house.
3. - Cook your own food
4. - Stop drinking like an alcoholic.

To make 500 dollars per month, a person needs about 2000 unique visitors per day on a site. Note, I can always do SEO consulting for about 200 dollars per hour, or just try harder to sell advertising, which is what we are doing. I sort of like to work two hours per day. I have about 8000 uniques per day, after good dropped me from 12,000, oops.

Note we are going to enable people to couch surf with "My Hobo" soon. We are going to arrange many ways for people to me for real. What is different about My Hobo is we will be able to connect 6,5 million cities, and not just popular ones.

I Could House Sit in Cabarete


Where do you get the maps you put on your site and edit (Are they public domain?) and what programs do you use to edit them?


I take a screenshot and use


Thanks for Andy.

It's great!

I couldn't afford PhotoShop, and I tried OpenSource "Gimp" which is probably as good as PhotoShop, but I couldn't figure it out! is so easy to use AND powerful.



Here is an almost current list of software used by me: