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I am tired of Travel Fantasies

I am tired of Travel Fantasies
I need to think about this more, however I believe readers have watched too many movies, television shows, and read too many books with no clear base in reality.

How can a person understand honesty, they have been trained to accept and believe fantasy.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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--------------------------------- gives an example of fantasy as “The Lord of the Rings.”

Maybe I think this movie is great.
Maybe I think this movie is terrible.

I know one thing; everyone has an opinion about the movie the Lord of the Rings that they will defend.

What we read, what we watch on television, what CNN, BBC, and FOX television says is more credible than the truth.

Travel Fantasy
I think what happens is this, a person watches a documentary, or movie, and they talk it over with a few friends at the bar. People agree because they truly cannot deny or disagree, there is no way to know, so the best stance is to just nod our heads.

The opinion stops being an opinion and become a fact; they begin talking in an authoritative way that feels credible.

Well, what is difficult of me is this, I can sit around listening to a person tell me about the world, and I ask,
“Have you been there?”
Example: Banaue Rice Terraces

They say no, I then think to myself,
“Why is this person so confident they are right?”

What becomes sillier, I sense I must justify my knowledge, nobody trust anybody. I pointed at the link because it explains the Banaue Rice Terraces great. Why would I confuse people and write about it, or explain it, where this is great rather truthful encyclopedia article.

Unless, I wanted to create a fantasy interpretation of the place, somehow act as if I know the place better than explains.

Here are my links, they are five years old, and there is no clear reason for me to show you these links, other than to prove I was there. Moreover, because I do not photograph myself in the Photos, again people do not trust.

Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 1
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 2
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 3
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 4

It is tiresome, there is a comment,
“You have to be a friend to have a friend.”

I will say this,
“You need to be honest, to trust an honest person.”

The general goal of the people on Planet Earth is to be clever. There is no way for honesty to win the day.

I am tired of Travel Fantasies


I just finished reading the book Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer. I was struck by the honest-seeming descriptions of the difficulties he found in his first 2 years there. He tells how the place smells, noone washes, he's living on the cold ground and fears being robbed.

By the end, he has a very romanticised view of the place. However, he will still occasionally stick in a very scathing paragraph or two, explaining ho he struggled with some of Lhasa's more 'backward' customs.

Was refreshing to read a travel book that isn't all sunny days and beautiful views.

And That's definately why your site is so interesting and so useful. You tell the truth about facts, and you give your honest opinion. Lonely Planet doesn't tell me what the toilets are like in India. does.


Ash, that line was good, wish it was not about Toilets.
"Lonely Planet doesn't tell me what the toilets are like in India. Andy does."

I am proud when someone says something like that, I know I am doing my life goal correctly, which is to be an honest and good boy. I would hate to die one day thinking people would remember me as someone who told fantasy stories. Paul Theroux can be good, the just talks.

I am thinking about Ash, AsiaBill, Hoz and Bob L comments and the comments even when they disagree are trying to help clarify our world. I believe we all hide or close our eyes sometimes, and I know for me, sometimes I should just keep my mouth closed.

When I explain or maybe expose something as simple as the toilets in India to readers, the test needs done.
"Ahimsa." = No Injury.

I weigh this continually when I talk about countries, I believe all things should be brought from the dark into the light. While the world more or less try to enforce people to keep the dirty laundry in the closet and deny it exist.

Shame is a good thing, I think we should put people in stockade in the center of the town square. When I speak of India toilets, I am trying to shame the country, not a person, not one specific person. Shaming one specific person seldom does any good, the person only gets his or her epiphany from indirect correlations.

On the other hand, there is needs for boundaries and walls, a good glaring response by me can slow down and tell readers what is allowed and not allowed.

I have not delusions of changing the world, I try my best to be honest, open and instructional, sharing my experiences of how I see and feel my world.

I am responsible for me, not to how you react to words.

Writers who write glamorized stories of countries are natural born liars, I have no respect for these people.


Thank you Jim for these two links, I truly appreciate the championing of people like this man "Bindeshwar Pathak." Sometimes, an indignant India person will get on this blog and berate me for talking about real situation.

A real problem can only be solved when it openly discussed. India covers up, refuses to admit, tries to pretend they are modern.

Thanks for showing a solution to problems.

I do not believe travelers should try to save another country. I do think higher developed countries should encourage the lower to develop.

More or less a Rich person can and should encourage people to have the same level as wealth.


Hmm, I would say "Complaining" is better than trying to work for further changes.

If I am in the USA, then working towards further change works.

If I am a foreigner say for example in the Philippines, then complaining is more effective.

Why, 99 percent of problems in a country are cultural. For example, the family and churches of the Philippines somehow convince Filipino people to have many children. The family are not good here, they are abusive, there is nothing good about the family here in the Philippines, small girls become prostitutes daily to send money to their parents. etc.

This is stupid, incredibly stupid.

If they stopped having babies, the creation of new jobs would reach parity and the whole quality of life would improve.

The Tibet people give all their money, energy and spirit to the the Dali Lama idiot, they prostrate themselves for miles as they give money to the Buddhist temples.

China came in an offered them medical, roads, infrastructure, I have been to Tibet, I do not think you can ever convince a Tibetan person to return to the OLD culture.

Yes, we love the old culture, however old cultures enslave people.

I can do my best to shame the WHOLE culture, I can change one persons life. I know the NGO, they spend their whole time getting drunk and screwing the countries.

I can help one person, if I am here, not from the USA.

President Obama will complain about an Africa country during his administration, this will shame the country, the country will change. Obama I doubt will change the USA, I know he will dramatically change a whole continent called Africa.

You cannot pay your way to change, you must change the culture.

Africa has "Hope." if one Black American in the USA can become leader of the free world, then they can do anything.

Complain, please do not be arrogant to think you understand a culture and get inside and waddle around like the truly in-business-for-money NGO's of the planet. They are raping whole countries and continents.

To have an educated person hang around with an uneducated person makes the mean education rise. In the end, television is going to improve the life of people more than anything else, they see the nice cars, they become envious and they want them.

We are what we hang around with, we become the people who we hang around with, and with that, .... Ooops, I should get the hell out of Dodge, before I become Filipino full of shame and non-effective ways.

Change happens one person at a time.
Complaints can change whole countries.

Thanks Obama, go after Kenya and work your way towards Niger and Mali, stop the French from continual raping of West Africa.

Germans, wow can they complain, but my gosh, they are developed. Now, trust me, happiness is up to the individual, not the country.


Having children to insure a pension plan is the number one problem on planet earth, almost all problems have this as the indirect, however essential cause of problems.

Thanks Bill, what wrote was clear, truly with the United Nations would get with the game plan.