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I am tired of Travel Fantasies

2009-09-14 15:37:10

I am tired of Travel Fantasies
I need to think about this more, however I believe readers have watched too many movies, television shows, and read too many books with no clear base in reality.

How can a person understand honesty, they have been trained to accept and believe fantasy.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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--------------------------------- gives an example of fantasy as “The Lord of the Rings.”

Maybe I think this movie is great.
Maybe I think this movie is terrible.

I know one thing; everyone has an opinion about the movie the Lord of the Rings that they will defend.

What we read, what we watch on television, what CNN, BBC, and FOX television says is more credible than the truth.

Travel Fantasy
I think what happens is this, a person watches a documentary, or movie, and they talk it over with a few friends at the bar. People agree because they truly cannot deny or disagree, there is no way to know, so the best stance is to just nod our heads.

The opinion stops being an opinion and become a fact; they begin talking in an authoritative way that feels credible.

Well, what is difficult of me is this, I can sit around listening to a person tell me about the world, and I ask,
“Have you been there?”
Example: Banaue Rice Terraces

They say no, I then think to myself,
“Why is this person so confident they are right?”

What becomes sillier, I sense I must justify my knowledge, nobody trust anybody. I pointed at the link because it explains the Banaue Rice Terraces great. Why would I confuse people and write about it, or explain it, where this is great rather truthful encyclopedia article.

Unless, I wanted to create a fantasy interpretation of the place, somehow act as if I know the place better than explains.

Here are my links, they are five years old, and there is no clear reason for me to show you these links, other than to prove I was there. Moreover, because I do not photograph myself in the Photos, again people do not trust.

Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 1
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 2
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 3
Banaue Rice Terrace on my site 4

It is tiresome, there is a comment,
“You have to be a friend to have a friend.”

I will say this,
“You need to be honest, to trust an honest person.”

The general goal of the people on Planet Earth is to be clever. There is no way for honesty to win the day.

I am tired of Travel Fantasies