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I am Not Sure I Trust These Expats in Sosua

Truly the expat community in any country is a bunch of questionable characters, the wanted, the unwanted and the hermits.

I went out last night with my landlord, her name is Ana, she is a good woman and has lived in Sosua for about eight years. She is direct, straight forward, and truly just wants to enjoy life, no problems with her. However, often I met some other characters, I shake hands, say I am Andy Graham, how are you, and all the normal things, they reply,
"I am Steve."

Hmm, what happened to the last name?

I look sort of German or Swedish, so often I help out the other person and say,
"United States."
I want them to know I speak English, or American English.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I Give You Give Interview of Expats
There is a need for reciprocity in conversations, when I say hello, I demand the person say hello back, generally if not, they are not my friend. However, the same is true when I meet new people, I am 100 percent sure I feel safer, more secure and up to speed when an expat gives me the same information I gave them back in return.

I am from the USA, --- I am from Germany.
I am age 55, --- I am age 62
I am in Sosua for 30-60 days, - I am on a two week vacation.

I met this nice girls Johanna last night, I asked her how many kids, she has two. I asked her where she lives, she live in Sosoa, Abajo. She has a boy about three, and another child that is older, I am not sure of the exact age.

Nonetheless, I tried to meet her half way, when we left, she only knew I was from the USA, nothing more. Why, she had no compulsion to ask,
"Where do you work?"
"What country?"

I measure and weigh all new conversations, I am not in the business of bragging, but I am also not in the business of being wanted by the USA. I am a rather transparent person, I tend to think the more secrets a person has, the more mentally disturbed.

Maybe it is a Sosua-cide. - Sosua and Suicide connected.

Ok, I was thinking about doing business with these characters to buy real estate. I think they all need to do a YouTube Video and admit who they are.

I am Not Sure I Trust These Expats in Sosua