I am in Ho, Ghana Wondering Why Africans are Optimistic

There are people, who say,
"Be happy."
"Lose weight."
"Just stop worrying."
My personal favorite and the one I hear constantly,
"Stop thinking so much."
(I think, hmm, let me find the switch that I can adjust.)

In addition, sometimes I answer,
"Yes, and if I knew how to do that, I would do it and not have a problem."
I am thinking in the back of my mind, and maybe soon I can stop listening to this dribble.

There is always a new reader of my Blog, who says,
"Fix your grammar errors."
I try to explain, but the simplicity of the answer evades many people, and I try to allow them to think… please assume I want to remove grammar errors.

Then if I want to, then Ok, I am ready to do it, I am ready to remove my Grammar errors, this is the problem, if I knew how to remove all my grammar errors, then I would do it. Telling me to remove grammar errors does not mean I have the knowledge or skills. I do not believe it is possible for me to learn grammar, I am horrible slow.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I Do Not Want to Tell You, but I Will
There is no adventure here to read about in this section, this is an outline of a normal trip in Africa, to call it adventure is to romanticize normal life in Africa.

I write this Blog about what I am thinking about, more as a diary, sometimes I remind myself to make it a travelogue. The step by step what happened after the fact, so I can explain the "Adventurous" details of my trip. There was no adventure yesterday, just normal grueling movement from Elubo, Ghana to Ho, Ghana by a series of uncomfortable moves.

I read and hear people complaining about Airplanes, I am not sympathetic; there are seldom problems on planes worth a good rant.

I could rant about the long list of stupid that happens daily here in Africa, I mean, there is a never-ending list of small things that could be highlighted. If I wanted, I could make these hardships into some romanticized challenge, and explain how I conquered my fears, fought the good fight, poetic justice, and wrap it up in a pile of words like Adventure.

The truth is, travel is simple, and you just grin and bare it, and wait for it to end. An Airplane ride has so little to complain about, I think people complain more, they are so bored, and they are looking for a fight.

Waiting for the trip to end is Travel.
What elevated my frustrations on the trip from Elubo to Ho?

1. Saying goodbye to Bah, knowing I care, and not sure what to do.
2. Paying 14 Cedis for a Ticket to Cape Coast, and then learning it is a ticket to Accra.
3. Having the man demand 2 Cedis for my bag, the Ghana bag people are always obnoxiously rude, I sternly said, "can you have manners, is it possible?"
4. A man sits down in the middle seat, he stinks, body odor, there are three men in the van who stink, and I chose a window seat so I can have wind in my face the whole trip.
5. Nobody in the van speak more than two words of English, a truly slow bunch yesterday.
6. The men stop and piss, and one woman stops and pisses, of course I always am forced to watch, it is right outside the van door.
7. They do not stop in Cape Coast; I would have needed to force the driver to pay attention to me, the passenger that purchased a Cape Coast ticket.
8. If I pass Cape Coast, there is no acceptable Hotel until I arrive in Ho; we passed Cape Coast at about 1:00 pm so I went to Ho.

Africans are Optimistic
I asked, how long from Elubo to Accra? 5-6 Hours, it took 7.5
I asked, how long from Accra to Ho, my good friend Ivy says, two hours.

I was told the trip would take 8 Hours, and then if I leave at eight, I would arrive at around four in the afternoon. I arrived at 12 hours later, four hours after what they would say, there is no reason to ever listen to the locals explain a trip.

9. Driver from Accra to Ho had road rage, he screams, honks his horn, tailgates every car he is close to, passes with two cars coming head on. He does not turn on his lights then he flashes his bright lights at car from behind, then head on. He is a f###King nut.
I must grin and bare it, this I the price I agreed to pay to come here.

The Non Introspective Life of Africa
I love children, they are simple, they are direct, they are transparent, and when I talk with children life is simple. This is Africa to me, simplicity, seldom are the people around contemplating their navels and coming up with incredibly long list or reasons why, or why not. They do not make action lists, then go down the list checking off items to be sure they are completed.

They do what can be done in the next half hour, there is no future after that, they are living the
"One day at a time."
"One moment at a time."

It is truly "ignorance is bliss" and truly, I am sure, if there is no introspection, then life is better.

In the Tropical countries on the planet, life is extremely simple, they do not need to plan ahead, there is no need to be on time, they do not stockpile or preserve food, there is always food. There is no reason to become highly focused, there are no big worries, many small worries, but seldom a problem that takes days of work or concentration to solve.

Zoning Out
Lynn a reader, made a comment about doing something and zoning out, this is a good term or phrase. Often the art of travel is being able to find a sweet spot where I can zone out and enjoy life free of conflicts.

I know how I zone out.

1. Read a book
2. Watch a movie
3. Walk around looking at how the locals work.
4. Eat
5. Typing my Blog post
6. Working on my web sites.

I am sad about my Cote d’Ivoire Girlfriend, Bah is a wonderful and beautiful woman, however 100 percent African. When I am away from her, I think of her, when I am with her there are times of pure enjoyment. African women like to preen, she gave me a pedicure a couple of days ago, for about one hour I was relaxed and enjoyed life with her, maybe I zone out inside the relationship.

Men on the planet seldom talk with women, when they want to talk, they go talk with men. Bah had no reason to talk with me, this was not her priority, she wanted to share space and time with me, and to feel protected by me, she wanted me to Marry her and make a baby.

When she was with me, she did not need to fight for anything, no need to think of money, no need to worry, I suppose marriage is meant to seal the security and end worries. Like a child, she is in the room with many small demands, there was no way for me to zone out and just have my own world.

Five Star Hotel Vacations
6000 US Dollars per month rent, if I was willing to pay 6000 dollars per month, I could always have a place to zone out. I could afford to stay in a Five Star Hotel or Resort and when I was tired, I would go back to a comfortable room, relax and shut the world out.

This is the easy way of travel, spend thousands of dollars to have a calm place to zone out and relax. The simpler way is to not travel, however, the truth is this, travel is uncomfortable, and when I am comfortable, I am not traveling.

This is why I recommend people go live in places for three months, the first two weeks will be hell, and then after that, you adjust, learn a routine, and know which idiots to avoid. However, do not come to Africa, start out slow, and go to Thailand or Guatemala.

If I can be happy in an eight-dollar Hotel in Ghana, then I am truly capable of being happy. Today I am happy in a 12 Cedi room called the Tarso Hotel in Ho, Ghana, sort of the calm after the storm.

I am in Ho, Ghana Wondering Why Africans are Optimistic