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I am from the Tribe of Indiana

I am from the Tribe of Indiana
I stayed one boring night in Mbarara, Uganda then traveled to the friendly city of Kabale. The Boda Boda Motorcycle taxi happily took me to the SkyBlue Hotel, I looked at the sign it said,
“Flockline Hotel.”

My mind drifts back to Varanasi, India where 11 hotels in the city had copied the same Hotel name to steal the business of the one recommended in the Lonely Planet.
“Did the SkyBlue truly change its name to Flockline?”

A friendly man from the Hotel comes out to carry my bags into the Hotel, I am jaded, I do not trust anyone in Uganda, this is not normal, it has to a scam, nobody is helpful and friendly in Uganda.

Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Monday, May 11, 2009


This is the Flockline Hotel in Kabale, Uganda.

I found the old SkyBlue sign as I went in inspect a room; I relaxed and started to trust the too friendly people in the Hotel.

I agree to rent the room by the name of “Mars,” named after the planets, even though the guidebook said to rent Uranus, all the rooms are named after Planets. Uranus is double room and did not appear to have a hot water heater; I am clueless to why the Lonely Planet gave the room a recommendation and cost 21 Shillings.

All the staff had shaken my hand, welcomed me, exchanged names and now I sat down to eat breakfast. I am talking to Sharon, and I say
“Which Tribe are you from?”
She gives me a tribal name that is impossible to pronounce, I then asked the names of the tribes from Kasese, Ishaka and Mbarara, it is obvious something is different in Kabele, these people are friendly.

NOTE: Nobody people in Uganda do not look tribal, they dress Western, this is not an obvious tribal country.

Uganda is truly an unfriendly country; there is nothing warm in friendly about this country. To enter into a city where people are friendly makes me wonder what happened. I am not saying Uganda is mean, I am saying it does not put out the welcome wagon for tourist, however I may be the only true tourist in the country, I have not met or talked to a tourist since I entered the country. I met two Missionaries in Kasese, saw some fat white girls with handsome black boyfriends in Fort Portal, and there was three Chinese business guys in Kampala. However, I cannot say I have met one confirmed tourist in Uganda I think everyone was here on a “Mission…”

Nonetheless, the Flockline Hotel here in Kabale has rented me great room for 15 Shillings, it has amazing service and I am delighted.

Get this, there was no electricity in the city, therefore the electric hot water heater was not working. The cleaning girl by the name of Justin comes to my room,
“Would you like some Hot Water for a bath?”

This has to be a different tribe, a different state, a different culture, there is no way this is Uganda, and the people are naturally friendly.

Sharon asked
“Which Tribe are you from?”

I said,
“I am from the Tribe of Indiana, from the country of the USA.”
I say,
“I am sure the tribe of Indiana is friendlier than the tribe of New York.”

I have smiled this much in weeks, I am happy I am from the tribe of Indiana; I am a grateful boy from Indiana in the country of Uganda.
“Life is Good.”

I am from the Tribe of Indiana