I am Arranging to Meet Up with a Girl in Foreign Country

Yesterday I paid 200 US Dollars to apply for a six-month Visa to Ghana. Immediately after I receive it, I will then pay another 556 Dollars for an Air Nigeria Flight from Dakar, Senegal to Accra, Ghana. It will cost me 756 Dollars to meet Bah, in Ghana. Should I be scared? I have met her three times before, I am 95 percent sure she will be meeting me in Elubo, Ghana.

Air Nigeria? I am not lying; I will probably fly on Air Nigeria to Ghana.

I hop around the planet with ease, this is a cakewalk for me, but a few minutes ago, I had a pause, and was empathizing with all the men or women of the world who meet people online. Then slowly over time, one of persons says,
"Come visit me?"

People spend thousands of dollars to meet up with people they do not really know, and then when the situation turns out bad, they return home, and never admit they made a major mistake. This is the same as people who invest in stocks; they only explain their successes, you seldom here about their failure.

I worry about Facebook.com, there is no privacy, it is dangerous, and I can learn anything about a person. Facebook.com is the perfect way for people to open doors; pretend they are your friend and then steal or cheat you out of lots of money. I have made a standing policy, if someone wants to be my friend, I must instantly recognize the name, or I refuse to friend him or her.

This beautiful and sexy Senegal girl wrote me two days ago using the CouchSurfing.com private message system. It appears she has been a member for two days, I thought to myself,
"That is a great photo?"

How does a sexy Dakar, Senegal girl know I am here, this just feels too good to be real.


Hello Dear,
My name is (deleted name) i am a single girl. I saw your profile today in this siteand i stopped to take a very good look at it. I want you to know that i will be interested to know you better because you sounded very sweet in your profile and i will like us to become friends and know each other the more. Here is my email address (test@yahoo.co.uk) send me an email today please!
Yours forever,
(Remember that distance,age or collour does not matter in a real relationship but love matters a lot). I am waiting for your reply now!

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hire a Lawyer?
If my friend received this e-mail, what would my advice be?
"Hire a lawyer."

1. I am making a joke, but truthfully, this message is a recipe for disaster.
2. One of the best experiences in a mans life.

My brain is a small calculator, I am great at math. I started to think of probabilities, odds, what percentage chance this is real.

It is a Man
There is a 75 percent chance this is a man writing me, using a photo of a beautiful and sexy Senegal girl as part of his scam.

Of course, the math is simple here, I am in Dakar, Senegal and this is funny, it would not cost more than a few dollars to open the door and be positive. However, if this was some man in New York City, the cost of opening the door to check could go from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars…

How to Vet a Person
I have exchanged e-mails a with many people, then took a bus to meet them. If you have your wits about you, you say to yourself,
"Why me?"
"Can I trust this person?"

Vetting Defined: Vetting is a process of examination and evaluation, generally referring to performing a background check on someone before offering him or her employment, conferring an award, etc. In addition, in intelligence gathering, assets are vetted to determine their usefulness.

I have had many discussions with Boy Genius in India, my partner and coder for this website. We often talk about Facebook, or even Couchsurfing, I explained.
"I had to pay 25 Dollars to CouchSurfing to prove I existed."
"The site vetted me."

In the last two months, a few people wanted to write, edit, update, or write on HoboTraveler.com anonymously or with a nom du plume. I have to do a great deal of work that revolves around setting up an algorithmic process to vet people. This is the ultimate Rubik’s Complex problem, how to open the door to the good people and close the door to the bad? Moreover, how to allow a good person to be anonymous, when it is appropriate?

Nom de Plume Defined: A pen name, nom de plume, or literary double, is a pseudonym adopted by an author. A pen name may be used to make the author's name more distinctive, to disguise his or her gender, to distance an author from some or all of his or her works, to protect the author from retribution for his or her writings, or for any of a number of reasons related to the marketing or aesthetic presentation of the work. The author's name may be known only to the publisher, or may come to be common knowledge.

Meet Up

My Senegal Hotel the 10 Problems and 10 Benefits
I am working on a checklists Internet page about Hotels, a way for a person to check off the positives and negatives of a Hotel, and then appraise the true value in a global market.

1. List of Hotel problems.

2. List of benefits of a Hotel

I have been in the Auberge Via Via in Yoff -- Dakar too long, it is one of the worst Hotels for the money I have ever lived in, however, explaining this is confusing. It is a nice hotel, is just not worth 30 dollars per night. I have lived in close to a 1000 hotels in my life, it is easy to know when I am paying too much, I do not need to think long, it was obvious the moment I entered the Hotel.

When I am paying too much for a Hotel room, all the small problems of the Hotel become large problems. It does not help readers to say a hotel is good or bad, I need to prove it. However, this is subjective; therefore, I strive to create an objective checklist that a person could use to appraise the value of a Hotel room. I am in a 10 Dollar room and paying 30, the problem is this, all the Hotels in Dakar are in agreement, and they are going to charge too much. I found a room for 10, in a better location, and if I return, I will go there next time. My problem is Internet; I am paying 20 Dollars per night to have a high-speed Internet connection in my room.

Senegal is annoying, there is no reason to come or stay, it is just easy to visit because they do not require a Visa; I just buy a ticket and show up.

Basketball Players Imported from Senegal 500 Years Ago
I think the men here in Senegal are the tallest I have ever seen in Africa. I am starting to think all the tall slaves imported to the USA came from Senegal. At six foot tall, I was a giant in Ghana, Togo or Ivory Coast; there are many men in Senegal taller than I am.

I am Arranging to Meet Up with a Girl in Foreign Country