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How to Hire Your Own Boy Genius

I have had three people in the last day ask me,

1. Find a boy genius for me.
(Be an employment agency.)

2. Loan boy genius to them.
(He works full time doing tiresome and confusing code, plus he is a partner with a proviso that he cannot do side work.)

3. They want me to explain how to make 50K with a web site.
(Hmm, if it were that easy, I would just spin out 10 and make 500,000)

Everyone has a little genius in them if you take the time to find it.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


How to find a boy genius or girl genius to work for you?
You can find a personal boy genius from India for you full time for 200 dollars per month. (Boy Genius NOW makes a lot more than that)

Exmployment Agency Work
If you want me to vet the person, test the person it will cost you 1000 USD.

If you want to learn three one-hour conversations, whereby I explain to you how then it will cost you 300 USD.

The Bigger Problem
"The problem is this; if you had a genius in your presence would you recognize him or her?"
Thank you,
Andy Graham of and sitting around looking at girls in the Caribbean, while you work your 9-5.

Boy Genius

How to Hire Your Own Boy Genius