How Much Will You Pay to Travel

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? I am annoyed living in Haiti, because an easy Hotel budget here is 50 dollars per day. I am paying 15 dollars per day. The cost of eating and transportation are about the same as the rest of the under-developed world. This is about 85 percent of the planet, and truly is the normal world.

The average tourist to Haiti will pays 1500 dollars rent per month, or 50 dollars per day. My monthly cost to live in Haiti is maybe 900. The tourist monthly cost is about 3000.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Friday, November 27, 2009
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Many of you are realizing, you do not own your house. Moreover, because the houses in the USA are constructed from wood, the majority will fall apart in 50-100 years.

Can you pay 1500 dollars per month, and not own something? This is travel, I would say yes, you already do.

Would you pay 1500 dollars per month to live anywhere on the planet? This is the bargain I make every day of the week, when I start to pay over 15 dollars per day; I start to think about other countries where the quality of life is better. However, we need to be realistic, if I was earning 80,000 dollars per year; I would not be annoyed with a 25-30 dollars per day room rent.

If you earn:

10,000 - You will get annoyed paying over 5-8 dollars per day for Hotel.
35,000 - and 10-15 dollars per day will not annoy you.
50,000 and 20 dollars per day will not annoy you.
80,000 per year and 25-30 will not annoy you.
150,000 per year and you will not be annoyed.

The number one reason people cannot travel. They cannot save money. To save money, you must live on a budget. People do not live anywhere they want, they live where they find a husband or wife, the option to travel is removed because their mate refuses to leave home.

Did you answer the question? If you could live anywhere, where would you live? I truly hope the answer is right where you are now.

How Much Will You Pay to Travel