Newsletter Unsubscribe Problem Newsletter Problem

I have been subscribed to a newsletter by for years, I never read it, decided to un-subscribe in my big push to clean my inbox of unwanted emails.

I do this very complicated un-subscribe thing and it says,

This is the idea, however not correct words, but close...

Our TOS - Terms of Service or the privacy policy has given us the right to continue to send you emails and advertisements.

I could not believe a big company would do this.

NOW, I need to click them now as a SPAM or Spammer when I receive spam from them.

This too complicated to believe un-subscribe stuff is annoying, there are many big companies that have no ethics whatsoever.

I go around and around with my techie on the need to have an easy un-subscribe, there is a problem with one-click types as some people accidentally click and ooops, however it should be easy, not hard to un-subscribe.

I will not do business with companies like this, it is annoying to think. Well, I never did, is like expedia, not good deals. Newsletter Problem

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