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I am having problems, not normal problems for me, however new ones that I have never encountered in my travels. I am having more trouble with hotels and all sorts of choices.

I have always lived on the bottom, not the complete bottom like some travelers because I believe I am good at making choices. Therefore, I find the best value Hotel room for the money I spend. The new problem is that I am doing well with finding travel money and can upgrade from a minus one star hotel to a zero star hotel. This is not much of a change, however what is strange is I am still in the same rooms and the same price range and cannot upgrade.

I am in the El Carretero Hostal in La Paz, room number 40; the room number 43 was occupied when I returned from Rurrenabaque so I opted for the upgrade from sin bano privado to bano privado.

I went from common shower to a private shower, I really had no choice as all the rooms were filled or they had these rooms I think they reserve for bums, or Latinos they keep somewhat separated from the foreigners for security reasons. I always smell security problems first.

Therefore, I pay 5 dollars U.S., not 2.5 dollars U.S. for my room, the cost has doubled, and my room is worst. Yes, I can go into my toilet and use the toilet, however the shower is so cold I have resorted to using the common shower again, the one I used before.

In Thailand you can opt in the Sawasdee Inn or whatnot to have a television, I had to constantly check to make sure the television worked. Then I went to the D & D on Khao San Road for Air, TV and Swimming Pool. I had to make sure the Air, and TV worked, the Hot Water worked better in Thailand, and really in Bangkok it is not a big need, as here at 3500 meters Hot Water is a huge need, it is very cold.

I now have to check very close every room or I find that the upgrade is only an upgrade pay more and not better value. I must be even more careful or I would become more frustrated with the management. Paying a lot of money for a room and having a bad room is more irritating than paying nothing and having a bad room. I am living the same however paying more, this does not make sense.