Hotel Room Exercises that Helps You Walk as Your Get Older

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This video shows four physical exercises you can do in any Hotel room on the planet. These exercises stimulate the majority of muscles in your body and take less than 10 minutes.

I broke my femur in four places when I was 23 years old; it now causes me problems with balance when I am walking. I exercise the gluteus medius and I can walk again.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Thursday, May 13, 2010
By Andy Graham of


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Why These Exercises
1. Stimulates multiple muscles that increase metabolism so you lose weight.
2. Walking is required to travel.
3. Balance is needed for walking and ease of walking.
4. Most people only want muscle tone, not enlargement of muscles.
5. Deep Knee Bend is aerobic and about the only one possible one exercise, you can do inside a hotel room that does not cause you to be evicted.
6. There is nothing to carry in your backpack, therefore you can start anywhere on the planet.
7. 10 minutes of exercise will enrich your blood with oxygen and make you feel younger.
8. As we become older we learn how to avoid using some muscles in our body, these exercises focus on ones we ignore, but are needed.
9. For an exercise regime to be effective there can be no excuse to avoid.
10. Free

Hotel Room Exercises that Helps You Walk as Your Get Older

Andy ! Do some sit ups for christ sakes ! Your looking your age !

Best advice I ever got. When Hungry for a snack, eat a Banana. Thats it ! almost free in hot enviorments.
Want a beer ? Eat a Banana in between beers, and you will not be able to drink 4 and never have a hangover ! Proven. Belly full of potassium (Bananas) and only 4 beers will leave you fresh and awake in the am.


A Banana instead of a chocolate bar or a ice cream,chips or anything.

Andy cut the cheap carbos. Eat some fish and bananas and do a little swimming or something.


I spend a lot of time in 3 foreign cities located in Thailand, Colombia, and the Philippines. For each of these 3 cities, I know where the public facilities to work out are located along with a running track. So I consider this when I decide on the location I will be living within the city.

For the traveler new to a place, this is something to scope out ahead of time, if possible. For the Philippines, before I arrived I asked on an internet forum and got a good answer.